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  1. nc8000


    I have been using a RudiStor RPX-100 for about 8 years and been very happy with it. I'm wondering why RudiStor products never seem to be discussed here on head-fi ?
  2. nc8000

    Whiplash Audio's new TWau Reference wire

    Craig at Whiplash has just come out with a new wire on his site called TWau Reference. I have been using TWag, TWag V2 and TWag V3 on all my headphones for the last several years and each new generation has brought improvements to the sound so I was very exited when Craig approached me about 4...
  3. nc8000

    8th Danish meet Esbjerg 26th March

    On this date we will be having the 4th Jutland annual meet hosted by HiFiFreaks/Densen who are the Danish Stax agent so the full Stax range wil be available. Also a good deal of the Beyerdynamic range will be available. Fang from Head-Direct has sent a HE-4, RE-272, HM-601 and HM-602...
  4. nc8000

    4th annual Danish head-fi meet north of Copenhagen October 30th 2010

    The 4th annual Danish meet is on for October 30th. The official thread is here   We have been promissed demo products from HeadAudio, HiSoundAudio and a range of universal fitted JH iems.   At the moment we have about 30 Danish...
  5. nc8000

    AMP3 pro2 give away

    I have an AMP3 pro2 that was given to me as a free sample for the Danish head-fi meet by HiSoundAdio although due to Danish customs it didn't arrive in time for the meet. I have been burning it in for over 200 hours and been listening to it for a while with all my phones and come to the...
  6. nc8000

    Edition8 question

    Does anybody know what the cups are made of under the ruthenium plating ?
  7. nc8000

    Brilliant ER4 tip mod

    Last week I finally received a trial pack of the new Glider tips from Etymotics and have been using them for some days now. They are the most comfortable tips I have tried to date. Also they greatly expand the soundstage and imaging of the ER4 so I was all set for using them in the future. I...
  8. nc8000

    Help my teenage son with his school project

    For a current affairs school project my son need to find national websites in EU where you for free can advertise items and services for sale. Anybody know about such sites and want to help either pm me with links or post them in this thread. He will much appreciate any help you can offer.
  9. nc8000

    New role for my iBasso D1

    I have had this amp right since it first came out (preordered and shipped the day they were released) and have had no problems with it what so ever. It has been used in my hotel room rig being driven optically from a pcdp. However I have just received a RudiStor-XJ-03 and even driven from the...
  10. nc8000

    3rd Danish head-fi meet outside Copenhagen 27th September 2008

    Just a heads-up to danes (and nearby countries). Saturday 27th September we will be having the third Danish head-fi meet in Klampenborg just outside Copenhagen and all interested will be very welcome. This is a link to the official thread. HIFI4ALL.DK Forum: Officiel tilmelding til Head-fi...
  11. nc8000

    Is it just me being too sensitive ?

    I have since I rejoined here earlier this year experienced several times something that bugs me no end. When I pm a seller in the for sale threads asking info or proposing a prise (no low ball offers or insults here) I never get a reply. I would estimate that it happens in about 1 out of 10...
  12. nc8000

    A.T.EVA01 Audio Technica Evangelion limited Edition headphone in the house

    I ordered this via PriceJapan in october as a christmas gift for my animé fanatic 15 year old son and they arrived today. They come folded in a specially printed pleather pouch and unfolds with swivel cups and pictured for size next to my L3000 For the fan to...
  13. nc8000

    2 brothers, the Koss A130 and A250

    Having some months ago bought a set of A250 from Antonyfirst and liked them a lot for my hotel room rig I noticed that Johnanderson was selling a set of their closed back brothers the A130 so I went for it and they arrived here today. The only difference seems to be that one has a closed...
  14. nc8000

    So I ordered a RudiStor RPX-100

    It should be with me in about 3 weeks time, Can't wait. I hope it will be a significant step up/away from my EarMax AE amp and release the true potential of the L3000. Once my wallet recovers from the shock I intend to have AKzip recable my L3000 to balanced and I will also need to buy some...
  15. nc8000

    Another possible L3000 upgrade path

    I've got another thread going on the subject og shifting to Stax 4070 but I was thinking that since my cd player supports balanced out what would be the effect of going to a balanced amp and having the L3000 rewired as balanced. Would that be a significant upgrade ? What would it do...
  16. nc8000

    Stax 4070 or going balanced (possible upgrade from/for L3000 ???)

    I have had my L3000 + EarMax AE combo for over 2 years now and it is truly a fantastic system but I keep wondering if there is something better out there. My main requirement is that it HAS to be closed phones as the main use is in the bedroom at night with my wife asleep/trying to sleep next to...
  17. nc8000

    Anybody know these ? Could be good for cold countries
  18. nc8000

    Etymotics ER4 cable design question

    I am looking to get a pair of ER4's after having fallen in love with them again. Does anybody know what the design of the cable is at the moment ? When I originally got my first pair 4-5 years ago the cable between the green pod at the transducer was very thick and microphonic and almost...
  19. nc8000

    I designed my own credit card

    My bank has a web based tool where I can upload a picture and use it to design my own credit card. This is what I came up with.
  20. nc8000

    Amp burn-in question

    In some unspecified future I will be getting a Xin Refernce amp. I have raed that it seems a burn-in periode of perhaps up to 400 hours will be needed. I know that I have to plug in phones during burn-in to present the amp with a load but was wondering if using the AKG271S that have the swithch...
  21. nc8000

    Xin to release 1/4" version af the Reference amp. Even more amazing now

    Following requests from slwiser and I (and possibly others), Xin has agreed that he will at some later date after initial release of the new Xin Reference amp be making available a version that uses a 1/4" headphone plug instead of the standard 1/8" plug. The source plug will still be 1/8". This...
  22. nc8000

    Tube rolling my cd player ?

    I have a Jungson cd player with (according to the seller) bog standard ECC82 tubes in the output stage. Would it be worth it replacing these tubes with something better and if yes, then with what and where to get them ?