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  1. csglinux

    Some Thoughts on the Harman Target

    It seems it's open season on the Harman target. Every reviewer and his dog now has something 'better'. And then there's this epic rant: Despite the fact I wish hawaiibadboy wouldn't say '****' quite as much (I guess he has to keep up the bad boy persona?), he's actually one of the few...
  2. csglinux

    Meizu Pro 5 Smartphone

    This is a phone that not enough people know about and sadly seems to lack a thread of its own. Hence this post. A big thanks and shout-out to @yfei for sending me a Meizu Pro 5 to test :) Ok, this isn't really a review of the Meizu Pro 5 - I haven't tested it at all as a phone. I didn't use a...
  3. csglinux

    Complete List of Known X7 Mark II Firmware Issues:

    Complete list of currently known bugs/issues in the X7 Mark ii firmware: 1. FiiO music app sometimes freezes or exits abnormally. (2 votes) 2. When browsing by Artist, user is presented with all songs from that artist (not the Album list) (2 votes) 3. Alphabetical ordering not consistent...
  4. csglinux

    How to create/edit a dynamic poll on headfi

    Hello sys-admins,   I recently created a poll on a FiiO-related thread to help track firmware bugs on their latest X7 DAP. However, the current headfi poll feature is fairly inflexible. For example:   1) I'd like to allow members to vote for more than one item - not necessarily at...
  5. csglinux

    Known bugs/issues with latest X7 firmware

    Complete List of Known X7 3.3.5 Firmware Issues: 1. Some international characters in track names still being displayed incorrectly. (8 votes) 2. Slow file-transfer speed when using the internal memory. (5 votes) 3. FiiO music app can freeze or exit abnormally. (4 votes) 3. At the start of...