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    Best sounding True wireless IEM?

    with at least IPX4 rating? I’m looking for something for working out. I was thinking about getting iBasso’s CF01, but the IEM wouldn’t be water resistant. Has anyone listened to the AKG N400 and/or Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro? Any other recommendations? Btw, I love deep, clean bass. Thanks!
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    Triad Audio L3 + LLP ordering

    Hi.  I ordered this on their website on 8-30-12 and still haven't received it.  I e-mailed Brad from Triad Audio but he hasn't returned my e-mail.  I'm starting to get worried that it might not be coming. Does anybody have any experience with ordering from Triad Audio?  If so, is a long...
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    Question about amps in general (sorry, might be dumb)

      Is it safer to unplug headphones before turning an amp on and off?  I thought I read somewhere about power surges during on-off that might damage headphones.  This might be just with certain amps, though. Thanks! btw, I have a Hifiman EF-5.
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    USB DAC + AMP for < $1,000 with power to drive DT990 600 ohms?

    Hi. I'm interested in getting a USB DAC + AMP for under $1000 that has plenty of power for my DT990 600 ohms. If anyone has recommendations, I'd really appreciate it! Peter
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    Beyerdynamic T1 vs DT990 & DT1350

    Hi, I have the DT990 600 ohm version and DT1350, and am curious how the T1 sounds in comparison. Does anybody have all three? Thanks! Peter  
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    Best Headphones for this music? [link to youtube audio sample provided] i'd like to spend a max of $600. I have the Ray Samuels Audio SR-71b amp. thanks!  
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    Dynamic, Spacious, and Bass-Capable headphones for movie soundtracks?

    soundtracks like from Hanz Zimmer. Even though these have classical orchestral components, I think that they can only be properly reproduced by headphones that are VERY bass capable.  The well-known problem is how to get both spacious sound [an open backed quality] along with powerful...
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    Head Gear - Pro series IEMs 13.8 mm drivers

      I saw these on Audio Advisor. There are 3 Head Gear IEMs the Pro 1, Pro 2, and Pro 3.  All three have 13.8 mm drivers.  Based on the product descriptions, I don't know what the differences are except the price [Pro 1 $79.99, Pro 2...
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    Redgiant IEMs? They have a dual dynamic driver IEM called the a03 ossicle.  it has a 14.3 mm and an 8 mm driver. Looks interesting.
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    SR-71B charger: Questions

    I purchased the SR-71b a few weeks ago and it came with a defective charger.  I spoke with Mr. Samuels over the phone about two weeks ago and he seemed very nice.  He told me to send him the defective charger and then he'll send me a new one.  Based on tracking, my charger got to him over a week...
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    Anyone heard Atomic Floyd's IEMs? I think the HiDef Drum has a dynamic driver ~ 13mm and the Superdarts, i think, are hybrid dynamic + balanced armature. They look awesome.  
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    Brookstone Clear Dual Drive IEMs

      I consider myself to be pretty unsophisticated in terms of evaluating the sonic performance of headphones, so my evaluation of these will be general and probably too vague for discerning audiophiles. Anyways, I got these because they only cost $70 at Brookstone (I got it at the retail...