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    Sony budget earphone discussion thread (MH750, MH755, MH1C, EX300, etc)

    I tryed and failed. First 2 pairs I broke the plastic part of housing. After that I menaged to open them up but every tipe there was a small part of plastic that broke. I don't know if is because of that or because the driver is glued to metal part of housing but i had a felling that every time...
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    Absolute best budget earbuds?

    I really don't know what actually happened and are they fake or "fake" but after i got these i didn't listen anything else. Freq response, separation, soundstage, everything overall is so nice and balanced that i can't listen to anything else atm :D. I bought boom pro mic instead of a desktop...
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    Absolute best budget earbuds?

    Hi, new guy here want to help someone. I bouth Philips SHE3800 from this aliexpress STORE . First i need to say i am suprised how good they sound. Its in my 3 favorites now with SHP9500 and sony mh755 (don't like chi-fi crap and i think half of this forum is deaf :D). Packaging is funny and...