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  1. DarKu

    Burson Timekeeper 3i Dual Mono DAC / 2W Class-A Headamp / 100W Class-AB Integrated Amp

    Hey guys, it seems that Burson just revealed their newest all-in-one unit that is targeting speaker-philes and Hifiman Susvara users (we all know why) Until recently Burson's proprietary Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) was restricted to about 10W of output. While that's great and dandy for...
  2. DarKu

    New, Burson Conductor 3 Reference: Dual 9038 DAC, 7.5Wpc Head Amp, Preamp, Changeable Opamps

    A new TOTL DAC and headphone amp / preamp from Burson Audio is incoming. * Dual ESS9038 DAC chip. * Class A headphone and preamp outputs. Headphone outputting 7500mW@16ohm. * Dual mono and fully symmetrical. * Fully discrete signal path. * Burson proprietary Max Current Power Supply (MCPS)...
  3. DarKu

    3 New portable headphone amps from Rudistor !

    Linearossa by RudiStor-Pacific Linearossa Products W3 looks very interesting, i'm very curious which DAC chip was used, but i'm most interested in K3 which will be first discrete (trans)portable headphone amp with Dac K3 can replace my Pico in my office rig if it's better
  4. DarKu

    Upgrading from SR-325i to RS-1, what to expect ?

    So here i am. When i joined head-fi i brought my first pair of grados, it was SR-60, i loved it so much that i upgraded to SR-325i. I Also tried different headphone brands but i nefer found that musicality wich Grados are giving me, is it almost a magical/mystical sound in some way. So i pulled...
  5. DarKu

    Welcome to Head-Fi !

    Welcome to Head-Fi iBasso team !! I allready own an iBasso D2 Boa and i love it pretty much, now i'm itching to buy an D3 it looks awesome and must sound as it looks Your products are well respected and loved here, so keep them coming Looking forward to your home amp/dac combo Happy...
  6. DarKu

    Wanted to upgrade from SR60 to some better Grado can, which one?

    Hello Everybody I'm reading head-fi for allmost a year but never posted something now i want to upgrade my portable/home rig.. i was just blown away by SR60 and i think i am a Grado head now i want to upgrade to something better thinking about SR225 or SR325i (i have 300$ max) now wich...