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  1. CoiL

    Resolved: User gallery gone? No gear, mods or graphs images?

    Like thread topic says - is there not going to be any user galleries for photos? Sorry if I`m dumb but can`t see any pics anywhere anymore.
  2. CoiL

    gallery pics and member posted pics not appearing?

    Hello! Didn`t know where to post it.... so... I have problem - I can`t see any pics posted by members or my own gallery pics, instead broken link signs appear. Tried different browsers, turned off all add-ons, blockers etc., updated flash player... still same issue! Out of ideas. What`s wrong...
  3. CoiL

    Suggestions for new cans with better depth in soundstage.

    Hi!   At the moment I`m using Superlux HD-681 (mkII filter mod + custom pads+ recabling) with Aune T1 as DAC (upgraded ELNA SilmicII capacitors and Siemens E88CC goldpin tube).  And I`m feeling that my cans have hit the wall in soundstage depth compared with my external speakers after...