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    Ochre - "National Ignition" just released       Fantastic new album from Christopher Leary.  If you've never heard any of his other material, I suggest you do.  He literally creates all his music on his computer.  He has a keyboard controller but rarely uses it.  It takes...
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    Head-Fi now has a very cool mobile site!

    Log onto Head-Fi with your iPhone. It's a well thought out interface. Very nice work, Jude! And being able to upload a photo you just shot with your phone is terrific. I'm sure this took quite some time to develop but it will be well worth it for the users.
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    Higgs Boson particle finally declared a reality! And I hope everyone had a happy 4th!

    Have you guys been reading about this today (well, now yesterday) on the news sites? It's being covered everywhere and called the biggest scientific discovery in 50 years. CERN confirmed yesterday that the infamous Higgs field (and the Higgs Boson particle) which give matter mass, completes the...
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    Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Magic Trackpad -- pretty cool devices!

    As a Mac Mini owner who was using an Apple Numeric keyboard but Logitech mice, I decided to upgrade to the Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad to see if they would help increase my productivity in the graphics department, and general all-around use.   At first I didn't realize that the...
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    Well wishes to our friends and their families in tornado alley! Please stay safe!   I hope everyone in the midwest now stays safe and looks after themselves and their families.  I know a few people being affected by these storms right now and I am hoping...
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    Useful information for purchases that are partially defective and how you can get a 20% refund.

    Here's a useful bit of info for fellow customers:   If you ever purchase something from and the item is partially defective in some way, you can call them and tell them you'll keep it (if you want to) if they give you a 20% refund. They will do this. It saves them having...
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    Modified turntable makes music from tree rings

    Check this out, guys!   Pretty cool idea to be used for studying the history of the tree!
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    I just won an iPad 2 from the SquareTrade warranty giveaway!!

    50 ipads -- 2 winners a day for 25 days.... today I won..  I never win anything so I'm extremely excited.  I just bought an iPhone 4S a few weeks ago (which was my first new phone in 6 years), and a Squaretrade warranty for it which is why I was entered in their Facebook contest to win a 16GB...
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    Steven Wilson's 2nd solo two album project - Grace For Drowning

    Grace For Drowning Steven Wilson's 2nd solo project   There's an audio player with 1 minute clips of each song from the two album CDs (  It sounds extremely promising and might be his...
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    Logitech finally released Squeezebox Remote software for iOS (iPod/iPhone/iPad) as of two days ago.

    Logitech finally released their own version of Squeezebox Remote software for iOS (iPod/iPhone/iPad) as of two days ago.  Last month they had created it for Android.  And the App is free!  You just have to go to the iTunes store and download it.   Here's the blog at Logitech that discusses...
  11. IPodPJ ad is causing Head-Fi browser to respond extremely slow when it shows up.

    The title says it all.  There is an ad which is an animated one which has bars showing its loading progress and scrolls through different products.  Everytime this happens the site virtually locks up.  Clicking or scrolling anywhere on the site is at a 5-10 second stand still until...
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    Supernova about to give Earth a second sun
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    Blackfield 3 - Welcome to my DNA (audio clips)

    For those who listen to Steven Wilson's music, i.e. Porcupine Tree, No-Man, IEM, Blackfield, etc...   If you haven't heard by now, the third album from Blackfield, called Welcome to my DNA (horrible title by the way) will be released in late March.   I happened to stumble upon this Vimeo...
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    New: Logitech Transporter SE

    In case anyone wasn't aware of this, it came out about 2 weeks ago and retails for $1499.   It's $500 less than the original Transporter with the only difference being:   "The Transporter SE has the...
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    Fosgate Signature Headphone Amp

    Pretty nice looking tube amp.     They have the description backwards though.  The phono stage is on the right, the headphone amp is on the left.
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    Feb 10 - iPhone comes to Verizon   Woohoo!
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    Absolutely breathtaking photographs from the ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
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    Steven Wilson - the hypocrite....

    From PT's website:   12/18/2010 PT App PT are in the process of developing an official App for iPhone and iPad for release around Feb/March (and maybe later also for Android). It's heading towards being something quite unique, watch this space for more news soon...     Didn't Steven...
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    Just got a disturbing phone call

    I just got a disturbing phone call from one of my customers. She is very spiritual and told me that one of her friends who is a psychic predicted a big earthquake for Los Angeles between the 22nd - 27th of this month, particularly on the 25th - Xmas. She said this person had predicted the...
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    Logitech Transporter discontinued

    This was a shock to me.  Apparently Logitech has discontinued the Transporter to focus on their Squeezebox line of products.  I sincerely hope they continue to offer software support and updates for it.
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    New EP from Thomas Dolby - Amerikana

      I just got an e-mail tonight from the Thomas Dolby fan community.  He's got an EP out now called Amerikana with 3 tracks on it only for the community (but you can buy it since I'm providing the link -- I don't think you have to sign up).  It cost $3.  Pretty interesting stuff, very different...
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    This country keeps getting dumber and dumber. Spelling Bee Protests!!!   It's almost unbelievable.  You've got to read this.
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    Permanent tuning system for electric guitars

    I forgot to mention this when I first read about it several weeks ago:  
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    Time stamp on posts is incorrect + Signature does not have WYSIWYG feature + Post count label + Sponsor and paid thread links + Page color

    First, I'd like to say that change can be good.  It is a new format which we can and will get used to and should definitely offer advantages to us over vBulletin.  Jude and Co. obviously invested a great deal of time, money, and effort into getting this up and running and for that we should be...
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    Unbeatable! Denon DVD-758 Universal SACD player refurb $39.99

    Unbeatable! Denon DVD-758 Universal SACD player refurb $39.99 DVD-758 Universal Scaling DVD Audio/Video SACD Player - DVD758 - Denon DVD758 (DVD Players & Recorders) - - electronics, computers, laptops, mp3 players Burr Brown 24/192 audio DACs - PCM1738 DCDi by...