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  1. Twinster

    Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto

    Does anyone find the recording to be bad?  The bass seems to distorded. It sounded ok in my car but as soon as I tried it on my headphone systems (Foobar2000 - DACmini - Ms-Pro) is just didn't sound good at all. I try other headphones but the result was the same.   I'm currently listening to...
  2. Twinster

    Application for Newbies (Refine your Audiophile Critic)

    I came across this application from a Focal Spirit One new headphone news. The application is available free on the apps store and let you test your knowledge with variant audiophile term.  The application is named Focal Teach HD   Enjoy!  
  3. Twinster

    Balanced Amplifier with un-balanced DAC?

    Hello. I'm thinking on going balanced and was wondering if I would get an improvement if I was just replacing my amplifier and keeping my current DAC's (Nuforce HDP & Centrance Dacport) for now?   I would like to recable my HD-650 and MS2i to start and would later replace my DAC if I like...
  4. Twinster

    Cable MOD for Beyerdynamic T50p

     Here`s my step by step cable replacement instruction guide for the Beyerdynamic T50p.     First remove the earpad by gently pulling on the edge. The pads are glued with reusable glue. You will be able to put them back with the same glue. Second remove the driver using a sharp knife by...
  5. Twinster

    JMoney Lambskin Pad on K240 Sextett MP?

    Hi, anyone ever tried the JMoney Lambskin Beyerdynamic Ear Pads on their AKG K240 Sextett MP?   Please advise.
  6. Twinster

    Help with MAD EAR+ HD Purist and K701 sounding boring?

    I just bought a used MAD EAR+ HD ( Sovtek 5751 and JJ Sylvania 12B4A) and while testing it with my headphones I was very disappointed of the music my AKG K701 (with SAA Equinox) produced with the MAD. I even reconnect my X-Can V8 to confirm that the phone were fine and it was sounding good as...
  7. Twinster

    MF X-Can V8 and AKG K701???

    Hello Everyone   I've been reading all the comments from the X-Can V8 appreciation thread and was wondering if you can answer some questions.   I just received my X-Can V8 last night (a 6 month old low hours) and tested with my Denon D2000 (Mod with D5K cable, 1/2 MarkL & J$ pads) and...