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  1. mahlerfan

    Differences between cdps

    Most of the time it seems that people just say I hear that this is different or the same. Unlike with headphones I would think that it would be feasible to actually test the difference between sources. Here's what I think-- (1) okay first when I say source I mean everything before the...
  2. mahlerfan

    Optimus cdp

    I have this Optimus 6 cd changer (magazine not carousel) that I bought several years ago from Radioshack. I only spent $70 on it, but I recently discovered a Pioneer cdp that retails at $250 that looks exactly the same and has the same specs!! Did Pioneer make the Optimus cd players for...
  3. mahlerfan

    Home amp for 580s under $300

    Well if I want to buy (which I do) a headphone amp for under $300 to use with my Sennheiser 580s at home-- what would you rec?