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  1. JusticeForAll28

    NAD Viso HP50 or Vmoda m100?

    I just returned my set of M100's. They are a fantastic set of headphones but not without issues. I have a big head too, and big ears.... The m100 out of the box is extremely uncomfortable. I was really only able to listen to a couple songs before the pain set in. I added in the paper towel mod...
  2. JusticeForAll28

    VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

    So I picked up a set of the sony hybrids awhile back. I just assumed that they would be better then the stock tips. I used them for a few weeks, just out of curiosity I decided to try the stock tips again and let me tell you.... the difference is staggering! I LOVE the stock tips much more then...
  3. JusticeForAll28

    VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

    I ordered these last friday and I CAN NOT wait to receive them after reading all the high praise on this board. Just a question.... I ordered them from lenmeurears on friday and I was wondering was I supposed to be sent some sort of confirmation email or something? Or a tracking number? So far...
  4. JusticeForAll28

    Got My Brookstone Dual Drive Earbuds Today!

    ^^ Im with you. Just tried to order a pair but got shot down because I live in Canada. Shame.
  5. JusticeForAll28

    Good IEM around $200-300 that is NOT Monster.

    Hello members of the Head-fi community!   I've recently bought a pair of the regular Monster Turbines, and I was quite satisfied with them at first. I loved, loved the sound, this coming from a pair of Sennheiser CX 300 II which I found super, super harsh to listen to. I loved the bass...
  6. JusticeForAll28

    Headphone suggestions please!

    I actually went ahead and bought both sets with the intention of returning whatever pair I liked the least.   Where I agree the px200 II do sound a bit on the tiny side and are a little short on bass, they sound a lot better then the mj 51's. The mj 51's have a great deep sound which I...
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