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  1. macrocheesium

    iBasso D7 not working at 192khz

    Any suggestions? I tried both drivers from iBasso's website.       EDIT: Problem solved.
  2. macrocheesium

    HD 800 New at Best Buy   Hopefully they will have a demo set up. 
  3. macrocheesium

    Need Help Choosing HFI-580 Upgrade

    About a month ago I got my Beyer DT990 600 ohm, and after a long test run I've concluded that it just isn't right for me. I much prefer the sound signature of my Ultrasone HFI-580. While the DT990's instrument separation, detail retrieval and clarity were much better, the hollow sounding...
  4. macrocheesium

    Audio From a Herotab C8 - Bad Idea

    I couldn't find any info on Head-Fi about this tablet so I thought I'd just put this out there.   Now I know we can't expect great sound quality from a tablet not designed around audio, but I thought I might get at least decent sound quality from the thing. This isn't the case, the sound is...
  5. macrocheesium

    Quick Question About Cowon's Claimed Capacity

    Is the 8 GB J3 actually 8 GB? For example, the "8 GB" Touch only has something like 6.8 GB, probably because of the OS or something like that. I just need to know if I'll be able to cram my whole collection into it!
  6. macrocheesium

    J3 or uDAC-2

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I just got into audio this will be my first non-portable rig. I did a lot of searching and could honestly not come up with an answer to this. What I need to know, is how will a uDAC-2 with a stock sound card (most likely crap) and my desktop compare to a Cowon...
  7. macrocheesium

    Cowon J3 with Zune HD Wall Adapter?

    Would this work or could it harm the J3? I would think since all it does is adjust the wall output to the same as a USB's output it would be all right, but I just want to make sure.    
  8. macrocheesium

    ~$100 Headphones

    I'm looking for a pair of full sized headphones for around $100. I guess you could describe my sound preference as exciting, with detailed highs and good sounding vocals. I also like a good bit of impact, not necessarily bass volume- too much rumbling bass will make me sick- but I like to be...
  9. macrocheesium

    RP-HJE900 or RE0?

    Right now I'm stuck between these two IEMs, the Head-Direct RE0 and the Panasonic RP-HJE900. I currently have the Nuforce NE-6 (same as NE-7), but I'm looking for something better.   My top priority is sound quality and clarity. I don't really care about bass, all I'm looking for is the...
  10. macrocheesium

    Can I cut Shure Eartips to fit NuForce IEMs?

    Hey, I have just ordered these headphones: NuForce NE-6 earphones (same as NE-7M without mic): Electronics But I wanter to get some triple flanges, so I was looking at these: Shure EA306 Triple Flange Sleeves for E3c, E3g, E4c, E4g, E5c, I3, I4c, E3c-n and E4c-n...