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  2. WasabiTree

    JDSLabs C421 Preorder is live...

    I would not get the AD8620 with IEMs -- gonna try my ER4-PTs again with it once I have the cable converter to ER4-S.
  3. WasabiTree

    ALO Audio RXMKIII Balanced Portable Amplifier Impressions

    Can't wait to hear the rest of the impressions once you guys have been running it for a while... Esp. the comparison between SR-71B and RK MKIII. Thanks!
  4. WasabiTree

    Does Head Direct or HiFiMAN sell replacement headbands for the HE-500 or HE-6?

    Feel like the headbands aren't very durable compared to everything else. Does anyone know where to acquire a new headband? Doesn't look Ioke it should be too expensive.
  5. WasabiTree

    Thunderpants (T50RP mod) Group Buy

    I have the same wood cups as the person above. The Madagascar Ebony is really nice. I agree with the transportables. A lot less leakage than most closed cans. If anyone is interested I'm thinking about putting mine up or sale soon. $500 shipped.
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