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  1. Ph34rful

    What do you want for Christmas?

    Besides headphones and the related items... I have been told several times I am hard to shop for and I need ideas of cool things people can get for me. Since we all seem to have similar interests I thought this might be a good idea.
  2. Ph34rful

    Emu 1212m is driving me insane!

    I for the life of me can not get rid of the distortion I am hearing. It comes and goes. Mostly as pops and clicks. I can not discern any pattern. I have tried everything I can think of. Sometimes during the middle of a song audio output will simply stop. If I hit play again it resumes like...
  3. Ph34rful

    RME PAD 96/8 Question

    So I just noticed that the red LED on the back of the card is on... And the manual says it is an "Error LED" But that's pretty much all I can find on it. To you guys with a PAD... Is your red LED on?
  4. Ph34rful

    Atlanta Meet?

    I am actually in Chattanooga, TN. But Atlanta is only an hour and half away. And is a good meeting point for the Southeast. Me and a few other guys had a meet in early August of last year. And it went fairly well. Though I would like to have even more! Surely there are more peoples in the...
  5. Ph34rful

    Radioshack Stereo Mini Splitter

    I currently have to switch back and forth between my headphones and Z560s on my computer. (Actually physically pull and switch cables) It is quite annoying. And I am sure not good for the cables. I am looking at one of these: And was...