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  1. bik2101

    best DAP under $200?

    i've been out of audio for a while but trying to find something for a friend. looking for a DAP, preferably one with expandable memory that can also do lossless.   I would have recommended him a cowon J3 but i'm seeing that they are now discontinued. any recommendations? he doesn't have too...
  2. bik2101

    short 3.5mm 4-pole extension cable?

    Looking for a short 3.5mm 4-pole extension cable. I need a short cable to hook up to my phone and clamp a ferrite core onto and then plug in my mic'ed iems. Any suggestions? or any recommendations on someone here I can ask to make me one? TIA
  3. bik2101

    DAC need with two separate controllable outputs

    Just got in a pair of speakers and I now need a new usb DAC. Looking for a DAC that has two sets of outputs with separate volume control for each output. one is going to my headphone amp and the other is going to my speakers. my speakers take balanced 1/4 or XLR and my headphone amp takes RCA...
  4. bik2101

    how to take apart akg k272 ?

    looking to recable a pair of akg k272 HD but i'm trying to find a manual or some sort of gyude to take them apart. not having any luck. can anyone help? thanks.,
  5. bik2101

    upgrade for emu0404 <$300

      like the title states, I'm looking for an upgrade on my emu0404 usb. my source is a pc running win7 32-bit. equipment is listed below in my signature. and price range is preferably under 250, possibly could stretch to 300. please let me know any suggestions - hopefully there is an...
  6. bik2101

    how to strip cardas wire

    i have some cardas headphone cable (the blue smurf cable) and i'm haivng some trouble stripping it down to bar wires. can anyone help. thanks.
  7. bik2101

    new elastics for akg k240

    anyone know where i can get a new elastics band for the akg k240? and how to replace them?
  8. bik2101

    headphile black velour pads for akg k271??

    anyone try these or have pictures? tried a search on google and came up with nothing. i'm wondering if they are worth getting - i would assume they can be put on the k240's also? or am i wrong?
  9. bik2101

    headphile black velour pads for akg k271??

    anyone try these or have pictures? tried a search on google and came up with nothing. i'm wondering if they are worth getting - i would assume they can be put on the k240's also? or am i wrong?
  10. bik2101

    suggest amps under $250 for 701/702?

    like the title suggests - i am planning to get an akg 702. right now i have LD mk3 but from reading seeing that it would not be the best amp for the 702s. i'm going to be keeping the mk3 to pair with my 580s but still would need another amp for the 702s. i'd like to keep costs as low as...
  11. bik2101

    little dot mkIII and akg 702

    is this a good combination? i'm going to be getting a pair of 702 in the near future but want to make sure that they will sound good with my mkIII.
  12. bik2101

    mini-rca problem

    i made a mini-rca cable and everything checks out when i tested with the DMM but when plugged, i only get audio in one side. anyone have an idea this might be? i'll post pictures of the joints when i get home. but if there was a cold joint, is it possible for the dmm to register continuity while...
  13. bik2101

    need some help with iem choice

    So i've listened to a few iems so far and using the ie7 right now, which i do enjoy quite a bit. but since i've gotten my yuin pk's that's pretty much all i listen to. reason being that compared to other iem's (including the ie7) i've listened to, the yuin pk's, to me at least, have a much...
  14. bik2101

    govibe ppk??

    anyone know anything about this amp? saw a FS post and just wondeirng if anyone has any experience with this amp... tried searching but got no results.
  15. bik2101

    new cable for pk1?

    has the cable on the pk1 been changed? i bought and returned a pair of pk1 maybe 3 months ago and remember distinctly the y-split being too long (one of the reasons i returned it). but i just recently bought a pair of pk1 from another member here (with very good feedback) who said he recently...
  16. bik2101

    looking for 26 or 28 AWG very flexible copper wire

    anyone have recommendations? looking for some flexible 26 or 28 awg copper stranded wire.. i have some spooner silver plated copper which is by far the most flexible wire i have ever used but it is too thick.
  17. bik2101

    advice please: ipod, ie7 - do i really need an amp

    Need some thoughts - would a portable amp really benefit me? my source - ipod classic (latest version out) with ie7's. if there will not be enough of an improvment i can't justify an amp but if there will be a noticeable (not talking night and day - preferably, but i'm sure it wouldn't be that...
  18. bik2101

    speaker stand for RC-10s

    I was recommended to raise my RC-10s about 6 inches or so off my desk and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for where i can get speaker stands for such a purpose. Thanks
  19. bik2101

    tips for hakko fx-901

    i was wondering if any knows any alternative tips - maybe some finer tips - that i could try with the hakko fx-901 soldering iron? thanks. hopefully someone can give me some suggestions.
  20. bik2101

    little dot mkIII circuit revision 1 or 2?

    I read in the manual that if circuit revision 2, then you can use 6h30 power tubes. how can you tell what revision it is?
  21. bik2101

    y-split on pk1's too long

    anyone else think the y-split is just too long?? i like the length of y-split on the pk2 much more.. any suggestions for this? they don't even have one of those things to control the y-split that most earbuds/iems have.
  22. bik2101

    Receiver recommendations for rc10s

    AHHH my speakers haven't even come in yet and I'm alrady getting upgraditis. I have a set of energy rc10's coming in sometime next week. The setup will be PC to EMU0404 to LittleDot MKIII to t-amp to speakers. I'm already feeling the itch to upgrade to a receiver - I haven't even received my...
  23. bik2101

    Energy RC-10 mini?

    I saw these on (Energy RC MINI - RC-MINI 2 way rosenut RC series satellite bookshelf speaker Reference Connoisseur mini compact size stylish ribbed elliptical surround at I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these. Or if anyone has heard how they compare to the...
  24. bik2101

    RCA IC's - what cable??

    Just wondering what kind of cable is needed for RCA-RCA interconnects. I have seen lots of people using coax cable and I was wondering if that's absolutely necessary or a big improvement over using plain old starquad. I would be using these interconnects to connect the output from my littledot...
  25. bik2101

    PC-->EMU0404-->LittleDot MKIII-->t-amp-->Energy RC10

    So I have on the way the energy rc10s, little dot mkIII, and a t-amp i found on ebay. The question I have is whether or not this is a good setup, or if it's even needed and will give me any benefit. Basically planning to use the LDMKIII as a preamp feeding into the t-amp then speakers. I have no...