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  1. elvis_presley

    Shanling IEMs Discussion/Impressions - New MG line coming in 2022

    Nice! How is the low end and is it well suited to POP and rock music?
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    New iBasso DX200

      This has be on board as well! Just give it a decent battery and take my money!
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    Cowon PLENUE M2 (Current Firmware and Manual Links in 1st post)

    That's gorgeous! Can you as well give us your impressions of the unit? Looking for a comparison to the p1 specifically and plenue d.
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    Just Got A OnePlus X Got A Question

    did you try this:     Guys this worked perfectly for me and I'm finally able to use my streamed google music from my one plus one, to my matrix mini portable via a USB OTG.   So much win over youtube music as well.   My only ammendment to the above is after you make the system change...
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    New Cans: HD600, Allesandro MS1i, Sure SE530

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bengt77 I'm glad you like the Shure SE530 much better now. You mentioned it's highs were very harsh to your ears, but I've never experienced them as such. If anything, I'd say the highs are somewhat recessed, compared to the lows and mids. But with a little...
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    New Cans: HD600, Allesandro MS1i, Sure SE530

    Just to update this post ... My Canate.2 is still intransit, so no extensive listening of the HD600's unfortunately. Ive done some listening of the MS-1, which sound just ‘ok’ out of my wife’s d2 and my NWZ-A818 … However they sound really, really good, straight out of the headphone out of my...
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    COWON's cold sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(look here please)

    I had the same cold sound issue with my D2 until I got rid of the factory Jet effect settings. Zero everything and tweak slightly ... you'll find that you'll be using values of '1' or '0' as opposed to the very high factory settings ... And use the eq!
  8. elvis_presley

    Got the Iriver X20 - first Impressions...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Taurui Bump.. would really like to see a SQ-comparison between the X20 and the clix2. Anyone? Me too, as I was just about to pull the trigger on a clix2
  9. elvis_presley

    Can't decide between Samsung's yp-p2 and Sony's 818

    Ok thanks for all the advice! Decided on the ... Clix2! I know I said I hated the design, but I can overlook that for the SQ advantage. Too, it's going to give me Sony sound but with more power (I tend to listen loud) ... That said, on amazon they have this: iRiver 1CLIx8B Clix 8 GB...
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    Can't decide between Samsung's yp-p2 and Sony's 818

    Quote: Originally Posted by genax thankyou for the explicit and thorough review. it seems alot of people love the sound quality of the Sony. I went by curcuit city and although i enjoyed the sound quality of the Sony, i think the player is a ripoff. Tiny screen, absolutely no features...
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    Can't decide between Samsung's yp-p2 and Sony's 818

    Quote: Originally Posted by sigsegv0x0B What is it you're looking for? Please provide it in point form? #1 Sound quality is a priority, an equalizer of some from is mandatory #2 Expandability would be nice (SD card) #3 The ability to browse to the device to load music / movies...
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    Can't decide between Samsung's yp-p2 and Sony's 818

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cowon_1 I had the Samsung P2 and I own the Sony 616...I had both at the same time and the Sony sounds much better. Well if it sounds much better I'll have to go with the Sony then ... Anything like an FM transmitter that I can use with the Sony?
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    Can't decide between Samsung's yp-p2 and Sony's 818

    Quote: Originally Posted by grommal If there's a Circuit City near you, take your IEM's with you and audition both units. The Circuit City near me carries both Sony and Samsung, and usually has demo models out, though they get trashed sometimes. The catch, though, is that you won't be...
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    Grado SR-80:Mike Jones Edition(Pics Inside)

    I'll give you $5 for them!
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    Corda Cantate VS Corda Arietta & EMU 0404 USB DAC

    I should mention I'm also keen on knowing how the iBasso D1 DAC & the Corda Arietta fares against the Corda Cantate amp / DAC combo.
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    Name Those 'Phones!

    Concur 770 pro ...
  17. elvis_presley

    Mystery IEMs, who can identify them?

    Thanks guys! Totally agree with the reviews I've read as well, strong bass, slightly recessed mids and a rolled off top end ...
  18. elvis_presley

    Mystery IEMs, who can identify them?

    They were free!
  19. elvis_presley

    compare Beyer DT990 '05 w/ Denon D2000

    I dunno, my dt990 is very bassy .... Much more so than a 600 I spent some time with ... Different setups though ...
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    have 300$ for headphones,no cash for amp at the moment

    I would not recommend a dt990/250 without an amp ... They will be very disappointing ... the 50 ohm version should be alright though ... I'd recommend these cans if you are predominantly a rock listener as that is what they excel at.
  21. elvis_presley

    Koss KSC75's a year or so later

    Two weeks with the KSC-75 now and loving them more and more .... Music, gaming, they are great for the $$$ .... Listening to them straight out of my laptop, which is so convenient that they are getting more head time than my DT-990/250 ... go figure ...
  22. elvis_presley

    Alessandro - only available online?

    Where can I get some in NY? What's the best price? I have a friend traveling and hopefully he can bring me a pair ... Thanks ...
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    Caribbean artist Tessane Chin

    I was watching TEMPO and saw the vid for 'Hide Away' by Tessane Chin ... Went to the myspace page: and sampled more of the songs ... Good stuff ... think Amy Lee, Joss Stone and reggae. Can't seem to find anywhere to get the...