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  1. bangraman

    I have a question for old-timers and headphone history nerds: What would you say the first iPod success influenced 'style-first' headphone maker was?

    I was thinking V-Moda, but maybe there are others. Let me know if you have any input on this, thanks.
  2. bangraman

    What's better than the MMX300?

    After 6-ish years of use my older MMX's have started to give up the ghost. I'm not seeing any other major changes in high-end headset-land and was wondering if there was a better candidate.     I'm sure some will come steaming in to say "oh you can use a Zalman or Antlion on x headphones' but...
  3. bangraman

    Third-string dynamic phone

    My main dynamics (used on the computers) at the moment are the Tesla T1 and the HD800. Not as fond of the Senn as I am of the Beyer... the HD is just a tad too 'attacky' for me and reminds me a bit of the Qualia 010, a phone that I ultimately found a bit unpleasant, though the Senn is nowhere...
  4. bangraman

    Switching between NAMED sources

    Is there a utility out there which can switch via a hotkey between sources based on specific names as they appear in the Playback devices screen, e.g. "Speakers, RME Fireface UFX", "Realtek Digital Output, Realtek High Definion Audio"?  
  5. bangraman

    Recommend me the best closed phones for $90

    Question as title. I'm interested in what is currently the best-regarded closed headphone (with some degree of isolation from external sounds) for US$90 or under.The price excludes 'clearance specials' but does allow discounts from major retailers. It is, as you may surmise, for a test. I'm only...
  6. bangraman

    Are there any touch-friendly, decent players?

    Doesn't need to have a management interface... as long as it has auto folder scanning I can do management in j.River for example.     The problem I have is that the most popular players have controls either too small for touch operation (mediamonkey, j.river''s main view, etc), others...
  7. bangraman

    Ripping SACD's... what bitrate?

    So I've been sitting on my SACD collection for a while. They don't get played often because the universal player is in storage and the transport for my main living room stack has also been put out of the way, since almost all my music now comes directly out of the HAPC. However recently I've...
  8. bangraman

    Something more 'soothing' than the Beyer T1's?

    I’ve been reviewing my everyday audio gear as of late, and as much as I like the T1’s for their speed and overall precision without overwhelmingly trebly performance, I’ve been feeling generally that they are, well, high-end DT880’s… i.e. a bit antiseptic. They are also really heavy on the head...
  9. bangraman

    Washing a Head-Fi messenger

    Question: How safe is it to wash the Head-Fi messenger bag? I've just found it, but it appears to have wood dust over it.     I'd hand wash it if OK. 
  10. bangraman

    How many of you have had a hearing test in the last year?

    Just a matter of interest…  
  11. bangraman

    Please describe Beyer T1 vs HD800 as concisely as you can.

    The T1 has a few issues for me 'as is', so I am doing the obvious Head-Fi thing and wondering if the HD800 is a better fit, as the only plausible alternative to the Beyer.     However, reading about the Senn in multiple posts, and reconciling the posted member's opinions against their...
  12. bangraman

    Tell me about the Senn MM 450 + BT300i combo

    - Will it multi-pair (i.e. to another phone) in addition to the BT300i? - How does it handle incoming calls? - How actually decent is the headphone portion (including performance of APT-x)? - Noise cancelling performance in comparison to something like a silicone olive'd Shure? Any other...
  13. bangraman

    Winter ear warmer - Bored of Bose.

    I am looking for a new pair of ear warmers for winter. They need to be circumaural so that they keep out nasty chilly winds, be comfortable for multi-hour portable wearing, be reasonably practical for portable use and also be acoustically isolating for travel use. To date, few have...
  14. bangraman

    Problem in search of a solution: X-Platform audio

    I've cleared out some of the extraneous (as well as some stuff I just didn't want in the house) kit from my house recently, and am looking at how I should listen to stuff from now. My previous setup was by my own admission overcomplicated and something that I felt I needed given the limitations...
  15. bangraman

    What shall I do with my blog?

    I have a Blogger blog of headphonery stuff. It's not been updated in ages, and in fact there are a bunch of unfinished entries in there which will likely never be finished because whatever the review was about has either been reviewed to death or the products have been superceded. (Currently the...
  16. bangraman

    Players which sync MTP playcounts

    Suggestions please on flash players (16Gb or over) which sync MTP playcounts with the likes of j.River Media Center, Mediamonkey, etc. This is the only factor I'm interested in to begin with, then I'll narrow it down. So just throw any out which you know does this for definite. Thanks
  17. bangraman

    Could someone point me to an MMX300 / Headzone game review?

    These days I try not to buy everything audio I'm interested in on a whim... ... mainly because I spend far more than I ever did on automobiles and computers I wonder if people can point me to a reasonably reputable MMX300 or Headzone Game review - more interested in the MMX for...
  18. bangraman

    Syncing / library storage PC enclosure

    I'd like to combine a second PC-based source and a 'syncer' for MTP/MSC devices, iPods and Sonys into a new machine and I'm looking for a horizontal-format ATX enclosure which is easily silenceable. I already have a PC dedicated to Sonicstage, and this new build will take over that aspect as...
  19. bangraman

    Another pair of small-room speakers

    Looking for pointers I can look into for a pair of quasi-bookshelf-size speakers which will be good for small-room listening at low to medium volume levels. Amp will probably be the EAR V20 while sources will be varied. Budget, about $5,000.
  20. bangraman

    ChronicSh**age puter

    I have a computer now dedicated to Sony's ChronicSh**age because, well, I want to like the recently introduced NW-A808 Walkman enough to do it. Right now it's running on an E6700 (unOC'd), a P5B-Deluxe, Kingston PC6400 5-5-5, a 7900GS, WD Raptor 10K 150Gb boot / ChronicSh**age load drive...
  21. bangraman

    How do *you* compare portables?

    A while ago I realised my opinions of sources changed depending on how I was listening to them. This came to the fore especially in meets when I listened to things, liked X but on buying it discovered something different. Obviously this made my opinions of any source rather unreliable. Portables...
  22. bangraman

    Lightweight, nicely presented, Vista compatible app with auto-scan.

    I'm looking for a lightweight app to play back audio for non-critical listening. I'd like it to: - Look good and be relatively unobtrusive even on a 1024 x 768 screen while in operation - Be fully Vista compatible (Vista Business, mainly) while running as a standard user - Be...
  23. bangraman

    Searching for replies

    How do I search for posts which were replies to mine?
  24. bangraman

    Standard USB sound in Vista

    I had a casual look at the new Vista audio structure, but the diagram I was looking at didn't make all that much sense to me. I'm currently replacing all of my main PC's with Vista Business and Ultimate systems and I'd like to know whether it means that a regular USB audio device...
  25. bangraman

    K701 spares

    I've asked this question a couple of times now with no success. Perhaps third time lucky. I have a slightly wounded K701 which I had to adapt for my use. Specifically, cutting the bungee cords that provide the auto-adjustment for the headband. The reason is that with the bungee cord in...