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  1. phntmsmshr

    Worst headphones ever made, or... typo?

    I was recently at a clothing store not known for stocking electronic goods, when I happened to find a bin containing some headphones "on sale" at $20. Always curious to see headgear, I had a look at the specs, and was confronted with this:     As you can see, nothing really jumps out...
  2. phntmsmshr

    thinnest DAP?

    Want to pair off something with a Practical Devices XM5, but would like to keep it as pocket-portable as possible. What are the options for a decent SQ? iPod nano 3rd gen? Fuze? GoGear Ariaz? Something by Samsung? Expandable memory would be ideal. Please no responses with that credit card player...
  3. phntmsmshr

    Clip Plus + ??? + Westone 4 = nice crisp sound

    Been doing some eq play with my Clip+ and FiiO E5 with the W4s, and I'm just not getting the sound I want. I want crisp clear sound without compromising bass and I'm just not getting it from the Clip on its own or with the E5. I never had this trouble with any of my other phones so I'm assuming...