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  1. dpump

    Grado Fan Club!

    Grado has always used the red wires for the left channel and the white wires for the right channel. Backwards from the normal of red being right and white being left. Who knows why?
  2. dpump

    Grado Fan Club!

    So who makes the Super Mini 6EW7?
  3. dpump

    Feedback by 'dpump' on listing 'Rapto Go Hook X Catch & Release'

    Smooth transaction with next day shipping. Item like new as stated. Great seller!
  4. dpump

    Feedback by 'dpump' on listing 'S.M.S.L. SU-8 DAC V2 10th Anniversary Edition'

    Instant payment and great communication. Highly recommended buyer.
  5. dpump

    Feedback by 'dpump' on listing 'iFi 4.4mm Interconnect'

    Smooth and quick transaction. Thanks.
  6. dpump

    New Beyerdynamic Pro X line: DT 700 Pro X and DT 900 Pro X

    I was trying to increase the high end a little so I tried removing the felt discs also but didn't like the resulting sound. Also tried a flat thin foam pad instead of the stock felt pad but also didn't sound right. Does removing the foam like you did on the stock felt pad result in more high...
  7. dpump

    Feedback by 'dpump' on listing 'Audio-Technica AD2000X'

    Great price on an Audio Technica ATH-AD2000X that I have been wanting for years. Prompt shipping and good packing. Highly recommended seller.
  8. dpump

    Xduoo Amplifiers

    English language only on head-fi per the rules.
  9. dpump

    DUNU - Discussion/Impressions Master Thread

    If the Titan S will never be available directly from Amazon, why is it listed there? That can only take sales away from your local sellers. The ordering option on Amazon is from HiFoGo, a China based company.
  10. dpump

    DUNU - Discussion/Impressions Master Thread

    Will Titan S be available in Amazon USA soon or should we just give up and order from Dunu?

    WTB: Little Dot LD1+. Don't need tubes but ok if you have them. PM me if you have one available.
  12. dpump

    Feedback by 'dpump' on listing 'Single HiFiMan Ananda Focus Pad'

    Very nice gesture to send me an Ananda earpad for postage only. Highly recommended!
  13. dpump

    DUNU - Discussion/Impressions Master Thread

    I've been waiting and waiting and purchase the Titan S from Amazon USA. Everyday I check to see if it is finally in stock. And every two or three days the availability is pushed out two or three more days. It seems to take months now for Amazon to actually have anything in stock to...
  14. dpump

    Quicksilver Audio Headphone Amplifier any opinions?

    Alps Blue Velvet pot is sealed, as are all plastic based pots I have ever seen. Sealed to keep out contaminants and can't be cleaned. If you could use a cleaner or lubricant the pot would probably be ruined. Cheapest solution is a new Alps pot, but it's best to try to purchase one from a source...
  15. dpump

    DUNU - Discussion/Impressions Master Thread

    Per Head-Fi Can Jam New York preview, Dunu is bringing a new iem prototype called Vulkan to the show. Has 2 dynamics and 4 ba's. Already sounds expensive! Please report here with any impressions.
  16. dpump

    Comment by 'dpump' on listing 'Earbuds (not IEMs)'

    Where are you located?
  17. dpump

    Grado Fan Club!

    I posted this a while back. I asked John Grado what to use on cocobolo to preserve it. He said the cup maker uses Tung oil so that is what he recommends.
  18. dpump

    Resonessence Labs Concero discussion/review thead

    I have a regular Concero I am thinking of selling. If anyone here is interested please PM me. Nothing wrong with it, I just needed a DAC with variable output.
  19. dpump

    FiiO K9 Pro Hi-Fi DeskDop DAC&Bluetooth&Amplifier,XLR/RCA/4.4/Optical/Coaxial interface

    FiiO has also posted before that the ESS version will sell for $999.99. Wonder if that is still true?