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  1. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Earbuds Anonymous'

    Introduction Earbuds Anonymous are earbuds created by the Facebook group of the same name. Earbuds Anonymous Facebook Group was founded on 1 December 2016 by Justin Miner, a well-known earbud lover. The group currently has over 13,000 members. These earbuds are the official earbuds of the group...
  2. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Reecho OVA SG-01'

    Introduction Reecho is going slowly but surely. The Shenzhen brand is back with a revised version of its previous model from the Star Gate series. This is the SG-01 OVA. Externally, only the colour seems to have changed. Internally, the dynamic driver used is 10mm, with a stronger N52 magnet...
  3. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'SuperTFZ FORCE1'

    @r31ya. For your information, TFZ has more midcentric models for sale. This is a sample:,TFZ_T2_Pro Greetings.
  4. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'ISN EST50'

    Great review, I like the writing style and the dynamic ideas. Thank you very much! As a Bass-Lover and proud owner of the ISN H40s, I would love to hear this twist.
  5. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Penon Orbit'

    Introduction As if it were black or white, heaven or earth, sea or mountain... There is no copper wire without a silver wire. Yes, it is true that there are cables made of other conductive materials, such as palladium. But the classics in audio are copper and silver-plated. More universal is...
  6. Penon Orbit

    Penon Orbit

    Penon Orbit 4 Shares 154 Cores OCC Silver-plated Audiophile IEM Cable Type-4 Litz configuration Description 4 Shares , single share contains 154 cores , a total of 616 cores OCC silver-plated wire The plug contains 68% copper Carbon fiber metal splitter and CNC integrated slider Cable...
  7. Penon Fiery

    Penon Fiery

    Penon Fiery Flagship 4 Shares 19 Cores Single Crystal Copper HiFi Audiophile IEMs Cable Description Material: 4 shares 19 cores high purity The solder joints is silver-contained tin Carbon fiber metal splitter and slider Length:1.2m Weight:23g
  8. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Penon PAC'

    Introduction Sometimes, the world of portable audio brings juicy and very affordable surprises. Like, for example, the earbuds I'm going to review today. These are the Penon PAC, headphones that cost $50 or nothing. 50$ is the price stated on the purchase website. But, in fact, you can get them...
  9. Penon PAC

    Penon PAC

    Specification Audiophiles earbud Driver: 15.4mm PET Composite titanium diaphragm Impedance: 40 ohm Sensitivity :106dB Frequency response: 20-20Khz MMCX connector Package PAC earbud (no cable) These earbuds can be obtained for free by purchasing some ISN cables/Penon cables/IEMs from the...
  10. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'Xduoo Xa-10'

    ¡Enhorabuena por la reseña y la portada!
  11. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X'

    Introduction Hidizs continues to increase its catalogue with high quality. And a clear example of this is the product I now present. This is the DAP AP80 PRO-X, the next version of the famous AP80 PRO. This time, the X version uses a Sabre ESS9219C DUAL DAC, instead of the ESS9218P. It also...
  12. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'ACMEE MF02S'

    I sent my Z4 to a good friend of mine, to make some improvements on it. There have been some problems during shipping and it is still travelling. I don't know when I will get it back. But my intention is to make a comparison between the two, once I get it back in my hands.
  13. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'Penon Orb'

    Thank you very much for your comments!
  14. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Penon Orb'

    Introduction Once again, I have the pleasure of reviewing a model from Penon, the well known portable audio retailer. As many people will already know, they also design their own products, and it's not just cables or earbuds. This time, it's an ambitious project, given the price range in which...
  15. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'EarMen Colibri'

    Introduction Once again, I am flattered to be able to review an EarMen product. This time, it's the recent premium battery-powered balanced headphone/preamplifier DAC/AMP called the Colibri. Actually, it''s a doped-up EarMen Sparrow: its aesthetics are very similar, but it includes elements...
  16. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'TFZ T2 PRO'

    My pleasure, thank you very much for your kind words @PKTK
  17. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'TRI Meteor'

    Introduction As I mentioned in my previous article about the TRI TK-2, the following review is the result of a European Tour, organised by Wendy Li from KBEAR (Thank you very much!). This time the products to be reviewed are the TRI Meteor IEMS and the TRI Grace-S cable, in its 4.4mm balanced...
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    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'Penon Totem Adapter Cable'

    @ChrisOc Thank you very much for your words!
  19. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Penon Totem Adapter Cable'

    Introduction For better or worse, cables are indispensable travelling companions for quality sound flow. As we wait for wireless technology to improve, to keep up with wired headphones, we will continue to use cables. In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly common for cables to try to...
  20. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Hidizs MM2'

    Introduction Hidizs is in luck. It is proving that it is good at designing and manufacturing IEMS at competitive prices. The clearest example of this is its latest creation. The MM2 is a hybrid IEMS with a 6mm low voltage BM magnetostatic driver. The base is a 10.2mm dynamic driver that handles...
  21. Hidizs MM2

    Hidizs MM2

    Intro 6mm Low-voltage Magneto-static BM Driver 10.2mm dynamic driver for overall Enhancement In The Mid-bass Range 3 Tuning Valves for 3 Different Audio Experiences Mix braided quad-core high purity silver & OFC wires Eco-friendly Resin Body & Lozenge-cut Faceplate 6mm Low-voltage...
  22. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'ACMEE Magic Sound VI'

    Introduction ACMEE Audio continues to grow and add new products to its catalogue. After introducing its first dongle in a limited edition, using AKM's defunct AK4493EQ DAC, it is now back with a fully-fledged Sabre DAC. It is the ES9018K2M. With this chip a sampling rate of 192k and a depth of...
  23. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'DUNU Titan S'

    Introduction Veteran headphone brand Dunu, which has been around since 2006, but whose roots go back to 1994, continues to innovate for music lovers, as they put it. But a brand with the surname "TopSound" has always given me pause for thought: is it a pretentious name or a high level of...
  24. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'TFZ Coco Bluetooth Cable'

    Introduction TFZ has released a new Bluetooth cable/amplifier. It is a rubber neckband, which rests lightly on the shoulders. It obviously uses the same 2Pin 0.78mm connection as all their IEMS models. It supports APTX and APTX-HD, its distortion level is very low and it is powered by the...
  25. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'TFZ T2 PRO'

    Introduction The well-known IEMS brand TFZ is being very dynamic lately, bringing out many new products (IEMS, Bluetooth amplifier cables and cables). This time they are releasing a very special set. These are new IEMS with a relatively low price, which have the rather striking feature: they...