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  1. elvis_presley

    New Cans: HD600, Allesandro MS1i, Sure SE530

    Hi guys, I'm all the way in Trinidad ... started my foray into high end cans by purchasing a 2005 DT990 about a year ago after I joined head-fi based on recommendations ... My previous experience has been home audio, with my home theater comprising of Klipsh reference series powered by a...
  2. elvis_presley

    Can't decide between Samsung's yp-p2 and Sony's 818

    I got my wife the Cowon D2 which is a really great device, however, I just can't get it to sound just right to my ears .... My wife loves it and I think the UI, conversion software, video quality, etc is absolutely perfect ... The sound quality to me however, is very colored and not what I'm...
  3. elvis_presley

    Samsung Yp-P2

    SAMSUNG YP-P2 Can anyone comment on the SQ?
  4. elvis_presley

    D2 earbuds sound better than my ksc75?

    Just got my Cowon D2 (great player BTW) and the included ear buds give me a lot more detail and dynamics than my ksc75 ... What gives? Are they just more efficient? Ami I an IEM / Ear bud fan and didn't know it? Anyone else with a similar experience?