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  1. Alino

    Oriolus Isabellae DD IEM discussion thread

    I second the latter. For the former I humbly disagree experience-wise. Though I see no matter changing Isabellae's skillfully chosen original cable, which for me in looks and sound is part of its success.
  2. Alino

    Oriveti OH500 - anyone have them?

    Agree. OH500 is a great overlooked hybrid. I found it needs some power and shows ts best with a mix silver copper cable like this
  3. Alino

    Yanyin Discussion thread

    That does not like me much, indeed. No hurry to buy such low resistance iem since I never use the cellphone and have some good output power to feed. Very good tri-hybrid Penon Volt is only 12 ohms too, though
  4. Alino

    Reply to review by 'Alino' on item 'ISN H50'

    As far as I know I can largely agree with your opinions, EST50 is different, sub-bass oriented but worth some compare with the good tri - hybrids I know. This said you are going to piss of some snobbish childish 'expensive iems' owner with that comparing.
  5. Alino

    AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

    Thank you @vext01. It seems an operation suited for any cellphone craftsman, with likewise technicalities (glue, heath pistol, panels separation).
  6. Alino

    Reply to review by 'Alino' on item 'Penon Sphere'

    Fine review I can only agree with. Sphere is so musical.
  7. Alino

    FAudio Dark Sky Flagship IEM

    With LGPT and N8 they are both great. Isabellae is more natural and mid-centric. If compared, DS seems displaying a V sound signature weren't for all these details displayed in every gamma with mids you cannot really call 'recessed'. In sum a more 'fun' sound for DS and a more analytical...
  8. Alino

    Advice for the replacement of cable on ISN EST50

    Hi. Totally out of time I relpy you while listening to ISN EST50 with Linsoul 'Ninph' cable I have had on Drop. It is a 8 strands OCC graphene - single crystal copper mix cable. It helps tame a little the bloated sub-bass, keeping the good resolution and mids - highs dynamic of the IEM The IEM...
  9. Alino

    AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

    Hi. First of all, did you update database? Every new folder/file must be checked to be played. It is an annoying but relatively fast and effort less feature of this Hiby file system
  10. Alino

    FAudio - Discussion and Impressions Thread

    I own both. Forgive my limited articulation skills but if I'd have to explain their differences, UM 3DT with its three DDs is a little towards dry and realistic sound signature compared to DS. Good bass, good mids, likewise highs though not so extended and sparkling brilliant. Good soundstage...
  11. Alino

    FAudio Dark Sky Flagship IEM

    Thank you for the clue. Out of a deep appriciation for Oxygen and more recently Isabellae, I followed your (and someone else's before) reccomendation, ordering from LetsGoAudio HK
  12. Alino

    Oriolus Isabellae DD IEM discussion thread

    I think so. Isabellae is not a greatly detailed earphone to the exent Volt surely is. "Isa" has a beautiful all-round DD sound signature centered on mids and mid-bass. For me it is really appealing, smooth and balanced with vocals and acoustic music. May be not the best for EDM and electronic...
  13. Alino

    DUNU releases EST 112, a triple hybrid in-ear with dual electrostatic tweeters

    I am loving my 112 Est. And I thank @RikudouGoku for the clue. After some test listening, the taping of the internal vent brings out a little more noticeable 'thump' from the sub bass and do not damages the very good high frequencies and airy aound of the earphones. It is evidente in this...
  14. Alino

    [Story]The R&D Story of FH9-From JamesFiiO

    It is a skillfull supposedly smart form of advertising.
  15. Alino

    AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

    The frame of the player feels really too little to bear a 4.4. Well they kinda provided it with OH80 amp. It is a good match with AP80Pro letting it drive smoothly more demanding iems (Oriolus Isabellae, UM 3DT). I will try AP80Pro - X with that too, some day.
  16. Alino

    Comment by 'Alino' on listing 'PENON VOLT'

    Interested. But too bad I live in Europe.
  17. Alino

    AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

    That player navigation system is too clumsy and little pratical to have so many folders/files. The right size for my FLACs on AP80Pro has generally been 400gb. Fair enough
  18. Alino

    Reply to review by 'Alino' on item 'FiiO FH9'

    Good review. I take as likely it can be very close sounding to Fh7, as someone already pointed out, with same weaknesses and alike strenghts, hence may not be a worth upgrade for Fh7 owners like me.
  19. Alino

    The Incredible Cayin N8ii DAP with ROHM DAC and fully BAL Nutube

    I have had 3 Android daps. I do not need streaming services much. I always needed portability and best sound. From the times I could listen to a QP1R and a pair of Lotoos (LP6k and LPGT) it has been clear the system interface gives you many cool services but impacts, damages the pure sound...
  20. Alino

    AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

    Hidizs assured also a longer battery duration, if I am not wrong. Which whether true in the third AP80 version (special material ones apart) could testify a optimization work on new circuits and implementation. I like AP80pro sound and its power and dynamics paired with DH80 amp. My best...
  21. Alino

    Cayin N8 TOTL DAP: KORG Nutube, Dual AK4497, 4.4mm phone/line out

    Being a fresh black copper N8 owner I hope you will overcome that problem and have an official Cayin reply/ clue here.
  22. Alino

    AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

    Me too. It is such a good match!