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    Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

    This guy must be a genious ;-)
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    Audeze LCD-X

    50 euros for the mini xlr / balanced on amazon ....
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    Hifiman Arya vs Audeze LCD X

    LCD-X ! Ok, two useless answers, looking forward to some good insights going forward
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    Audeze LCD-X

    so am I !
  5. digitalfrog

    Audeze LCD-X

    oooh congrats ! Mine is in the delivery truck ! Bought second hand, not many post 2016 around here in Amsterdam. Talking about Europe, has anyone had their drivers replaced under warranty from Europe ? How''s the Audeze service and turn around outside the USA ?
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    Just got a pair, there is a dealer in the Netherlands and I happen to live near by. Just in case one of you visit the city and wanted to try it....
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    Fiio L9 LOD with Ipod classic & Iphone 4S + iBasso D2 Boa sounds terrible

        I have this great LOD for my ipod classic and I have no issues with it (   But it does not work with the iphone 4s, so I bought a Fiio L9 to try it out.   It plugs in properly, but the bass is cut off and...
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    The Canon Thread

    ...and I fell in love with the 24mm f/1.4 it's pure magic !
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    Explain your Avatar

    you don't know her but you can think on her behalf you have no clue about photography or artwork copyrights but you make blanket statements. in short, you made very clear that you don't know what you are talking about. I won't add anything anymore, I agree, it's not worth it...
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    Explain your Avatar

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ oh, it's a luck the photo police is the house. And you dare saying: "Marc Bolan is dead so I really don't think he cares." Set your own record straight (been dead does not mean you or your family or ongoing contracts and licences are void) and then come knock...
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    Explain your Avatar

    Quote: Originally Posted by milkweg Does she know you are using her as your avatar? What an unusual question. I own the copyright of this picture, it's so small sized that you would not recognize her, the agreement we have is I can use the pics the way I want as long as it's not...
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    ^^^ fantastic lens indeed !
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    Netherlands Pre-Party Meet 18-01-09

    I'm still thinking about the Sennheiser hd-25 I heard there.... tempting, very tempting as a portable set ....
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    E4C Warranty from Shure... Are you kidding me?

    It shows how much margin they are making on us.
  15. digitalfrog

    AKG K272HD vs AKG K271 MKII

    Quote: Originally Posted by HippieTom What music do you listen too lweijs? Only if the track is just "right" you will get a pretty deep and very puncy bass but if not: Gat damn were is the bass i heard earlier? This is very accurate BTW. I need to dig in more to the reason...
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    The Canon Thread

    The 16-35 f/2.8 rocks ... here is one made with that lens a few days ago
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    The Canon Thread

    I guess it's a matter of opportunity. I sneaked a camera in a night club and it grew until I made money. I could access a fashion show, liked it.... did it... Quote: Originally Posted by raymondlin Digitalfrog, If you don't mind me asking, how did you get into Fashion...
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    Recommended links for DJ music

    Audiojelly - Dance Music Download Store
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    The Canon Thread

    ^^^^ small world :-)
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    How Loud is loud? My left ear is aching sometimes.

    I used to scare myself sometimes when I dropped my headphones for a minute to get a drink or so and could still hear the music when the other side of the room .. I'm more careful now...
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    A party with a couple of friends....
  22. digitalfrog

    Found some brand new Shure SE 530 PTH for $248!

    out of stock.... you got yours on time - well done :-)
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    Ibasso D2 Boa - Bad usb connector ?

    I wished ! I bough mine 3 weeks ago and it came with a simple black USB cable... Quote: Originally Posted by Nirvana1000 Did you guys get the high quality see through silver USB cable also with your D2?Damn it's nice!I want to keep it if i sell it before i return it.I'm getting...