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  1. Thieliste

    Nordost Purple Flare VS Moon Audio Silver Dragon

    Anyone compared these two USB cables ? Please share your experience.
  2. Thieliste

    Hifiman HE-1000 V2 VS Kennerton Odin

    Hi guys i would like to have your thoughts on these 2 planar headphones if you were able to compare them. Sound signature, build quality etc... I was at a show in Paris las weekend and was able to listen to most high end headphones out there including the new Focal Clear and my 2 favorite ones...
  3. Thieliste

    Headphone recommendation

    Hi everyone, i plan on to purchase a pair of very high end headphones this coming winter in the 3 to 4K price range. Here are some of the ones i'm looking at : Final Audio Sonorous X, Hifiman HE-1000 V2 and Focal Utopia. I would like to have feedbacks from owners or people who have auditioned...
  4. Thieliste

    Chord Mojo+Smartphone VS Acoustic Research M2

    What would you consider the better performer of these 2 solutions for streaming Hires up to 24/192khz ? Any experience please chime in.
  5. Thieliste

    Portable player recommendation

    Hi everyone, new to this forum and high end audio enthusiast i would like to purchase a reasonably priced portable player to listen to highres files with my Sennheiser HD 25. I am looking at the Cowon Plenue D and the AK Jr. Any experience with these 2 devices would be appreciated. If you guys...