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  1. Sparky191

    Portable Sources for the Budget HeadFi'er

    Where is the Budget Portable Source Gallery? Has that gone. I've been away from the forum a while. Seems like its now all top end stuff. I'm looking for budget/mid range portable source that takes 256GB SD cards. For the last few years, I've mostly been using music streaming apps. I'm trying...
  2. Sparky191

    Earphones to control WP8 Lumia - Nokia Purity?

    Any one tried the Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920? What are they like. Or any other low end IEM/earphone that has music controls for the Lumia WP8 phones.    Does the MH1c work with the lumia's. I have a pair in a drawer somewhere. 
  3. Sparky191

    Huawei Ascend G300 -SQ not too shabby

    Some (those of us on  tight budget) might still be interested in this thread. I picked up Huawei Ascend G300 which is a decent budget android smart phone and finding the SQ very decent. Good FM radio on it too! Probably the best of all the phones I've used, and closest to the Sony X or my Clip+...
  4. Sparky191

    Do use use streaming services on your portable.

    Do you use streaming music services and/or Internet Radio as one of the primary sources of music on your portable? For office use I was thinking I could MiFi portable and 3G subscription hotspot to stream both to a MP3 player or Mobile phone. Would eliminate the need for local or sync'ing music...
  5. Sparky191

    X1050 thoughts

    I picked up a X1050 on clearance, to see what it was like. Also my Clip+ HO jack is going, and my A818 battery is quite poor these days. I've also lost the clip around the house somewhere. (its so tiny!)  The X has a bigger sound stage, but I'm not sure it sounds hugely better then the A818. The...
  6. Sparky191

    A818 battery replacement

    A818 battery replacement anyone do it?   I found this on the web
  7. Sparky191

    Sansa Fuze FM reception

    Does the old Fuze have better FM reception than the clip?
  8. Sparky191

    Sony WM-Port to USB connector?   Can you get a WM -port to usb connector. I hate having to carry my only Sony cable around. 
  9. Sparky191

    Mobile External FM Antenna

    dsdsd this new forum seems to be acting I can't edit any post properly. So apologies if this appears all over the place. I can't edit it. I was wondering does anyone know where I can get one of these delivered to Europe. I can use a extra long cable to improve the sound, but its a PITA all the...
  10. Sparky191

    Best none Apple mobile phone for music?

    What do reckon is the best none Apple mobile phone for music? (iPhones been a little pricey). Preferrably with a decent camera and a decent calendar, 3.5mm jack, external music/radio controls. Cheaper the better. I had the W995 and I didn't think the camera was great, the calendar isn't as...
  11. Sparky191

    3G Shuffle - does no one have one?

    3G Shuffle - does no one have one?
  12. Sparky191

    Which portable DAP ships with the best phones?

    I'm assuming its going to be a Sony X series or the Amp3.
  13. Sparky191

    Cheapo buds/IEMs query

    Incidentally why is this thread not in this forum? While the CX300/PX100 get good reviews in general I find them too bassy, and I've stopped using mine. Which makes me always question reviews that hold them up as benchmark for the budget...
  14. Sparky191

    Fuze vs S639F

    Thinking of replacing my A818 with a S639F. An alternative would be the Fuze, which takes memory cards. I really want something with buttons. I have a 2G iPod Touch 8GB but I tend to use my A818 more for music simply because of the controls.
  15. Sparky191

    Touchscreens - Never clean?

    I've been using 2G iPod Touch for the last while. How the heck can you keep the screen clean?
  16. Sparky191

    Are there any mobile phones that do gapless?

    Are there any mobile phones that do gapless playback for DJ mixes dance sets, classical music etc. Any with bookmarks etc. Any workarounds, record all tracks as one long file etc. Do any of the Sony's have gapless using ATRAC, or the iPhone have it with ACC etc.
  17. Sparky191

    Anyone using a new Zen?

    Anyone using a new Zen? What card are you using in it. Whats your opinion of it? I like my A818 but was looking for something with more capacity and a radio. I have a 160GB iPod but its giving me problems. So I think it will have to go back.
  18. Sparky191

    Sony A8xx, 6xx etc. What EQ are you using?

    Moving on from this thread, Sony A8xx, 6xx etc. What EQ are you using? I was using none with the stock earphones. I'm wondering what works for other people, so I can try a few things.
  19. Sparky191

    If you didn't like the Sony A818...

    Ok I got the A818, but the jurys still out for me on this. Admittedly I'm using low end earphones. But using the stock phones that came with it, its not bad, but for me its nothing special. If I use CX300's it improves a lot but it introduces hiss for me. PMX100's no hiss, but too much bass and...
  20. Sparky191

    Favorite Podcasts?

    What are your favorite or regular podcasts that you listen to?
  21. Sparky191

    iPod Touch/iPhone which remote?

    Which remotes work with the iPod Touch/iPhone and do any of them have an effect on SQ? iPhone/iPod touch Remote Control - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
  22. Sparky191

    Samsung's YP-T9 opinions?

    Any opinions on Samsung's YP-T9?
  23. Sparky191

    Sony A808 vs A818 differences.

    I've read mixed reports. Perhaps someone could confirm/deny/clarify the following A808 requires SonicStage vs A818 is MTP A808 has better headphones vs A818 A808 Supports ATTRAC vs A818 doesn't A808 Dynamic playlists on the fly vs A818 doesn't (theres differences)
  24. Sparky191

    Which portable has the best playlists?

    Which portable has the best playlists? I don't use them but want to start. So which player has the best playlist functionality. What functionality is a must have?
  25. Sparky191

    Tagging or Filetree

    If this is not the right forum for this, can someone move it? Thanks. I mainly use filetree for directory struture. Since not all my music is tagged correctly, and not all players handle tags the same. But the problem I have is that I can end up with duplicate artist folders. I might have one...