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  1. unkoman

    AAC complexity setting

    I just got my ipod and started using itune(vr.6) to encode AAC files. I have two questions: 1. How do I change the complexity level of AAC encoding? 2. Are there better AAC encoders than the itune? Thanks
  2. unkoman

    portable amp around $100

    Im looking for a portable amp around$100 to use with my e4 and ipod that I will I get in the near future.I've been looking at the go-vibe mk3 and portaphile X2. I've searched around the forum but I couldnt find any reveiws or comment about portaphile X2. The price difference between the two is...
  3. unkoman


    I was searching around on amazon and found a product that I wanted for very low price. I'm just wondering how good is amazon's fraud control and after service compared to ebay(I know ebay is pretty crappy). Thanks
  4. unkoman

    line out

    I'm currently using my old PCDP with a line out, and tried using my phones straight out of line out. Line out sounds a lot better than the heaphone out and I've been using my phones out of it with a volume attenuator but havea question. I've read some where that the line out puts out signals at...
  5. unkoman

    Ipod line out

    I'm thinking of purchasing an ipod and use a portable amp through the line out, I'm wondering how long will the ipod battery last using the line out with an amp. Thanks
  6. unkoman


    I'm trying to edit a mp3 file and I have to decompress it in to wav, and I'm wondering if I compress it back to mp3, the quality of audio worsens. Thanks
  7. unkoman

    canalphones vs. headphones

    I'm thinking about getting canal phones for my portable, and wondering how canalphones perform compared to headphones at same price range. For example, the new e4c, at $190 how does it compare to heaphones in the same price range? Thanks
  8. unkoman

    hong kong dsd hd-cd

    I've found a Hong Kong DSD HDCD version of X-Japan, but I don't know if it is legit or not. In case(lol) if its legit, is there a noticable improvement in sound quality between regular red book and dsd remastered ones? Thanks
  9. unkoman


    I'm looking for a new closed can for my portables, and considering the a500-900, but how are the isolation of those cans compared to hd280? Thanks
  10. unkoman

    Rio or Ipod w/ high ohm cans

    I've heard that 4G Ipods have the bass-roll off characteristics when used with low impedance cans, but how about when coupled with 50-64ohm cans such as HD280 and A500-900? Also, which sounds better:the 4G ipod or the rio karma coupled with high impedance cans? Thanks
  11. unkoman

    closed headphones for zen

    I bought a Zen touch a week ago and have been using my blu-tak moded HD280. I had the can for about 3 months and got used to the sound, BUT I can't stand the lack of mid bass and the screeching highs. I've got tired of EQing every song I put into my player so I'm looking for a new closed cans...
  12. unkoman

    reciever dacs

    When listening to dvd-a on headphones, is it better to use a HT reciever as a dac and route it to a HP amp via RCA, or directly to amp via RCA from the player? Thanks
  13. unkoman

    HD595 amp

    I'm looking for a decent amp around 150$ for my HD595, since headsave has closed down. Any recommendation will be appreciated. Thanks
  14. unkoman

    Dolby/DTS vs. CD

    I know that Dolby Digital/DTS 5.1 tracks are compressed but how does the sound quality compare to standard stereo audio cds? Thanks
  15. unkoman

    Senn refurbished

    Are refurbisehd senn headphones good as new ones? Also which is considered better with an amp? HD-580 or HD-595? Thanks
  16. unkoman

    home stereo reciever

    I am currently pairing a hd280 w/blutak with either a Yamaha rx-v490 from my comp's soundcard, or sony dvd player linked to denon avr-1802 with optical cable. I've noticed that my denon reciever, which (I think) the headphone output is more powerful than the yamaha reciever, but it sounds its...
  17. unkoman

    prices going up up up

    I've been watching the price changes of HD280 on froogle and it seems to be increasing every 2weeks or so. Last month the lowest price was $65(free shipping too), but today it 75$(plus shipping). Will it go down again to lower prices?
  18. unkoman

    cant decide

    I'm currently looking for a good headphone around 200$ and I am interested in either hd555 or 595. Although my primary use will be at home, so I wouldn't mind if its open, but I would want to use it for my portable too. Should I get a hd555(105$)+hd280(65$) or hd595(175$)?I would want to get the...
  19. unkoman


    Heeello people at head-fi! This the perfect place to discust about headphones. My first question is: 1. What is the significant difference between HD555 and HD595? 2. Does HD 595 worth more than Hd555 for the price? 3. Does the sound reflecter in the HD555 create a surround sound-like...