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  1. Toby M

    Compass vs Fubar II + Cute amp

    Can anyone compare these?
  2. Toby M

    Yet another "which closed cans?" thread

    Hey all, I'm a yet another uni student looking yet again for full sized circumaural closed cans to help me study. Where I live isn't particularly noisy, but I'd like a decent level of isolation to keep out stuff like computer fans and people talking in other rooms. I have a fairly...
  3. Toby M

    Yamaha A-700

    Hey everyone! Just wondering how good or bad this amp is, especially for use with headphones (Sennheiser HD 555's). Dad gave it to me a few years ago, I think its at least 20 years old, It's in good condition though. I searched the forums and couldn't find anything on it, so sorry if this is...
  4. Toby M

    Headphones for newbie

    Hey everyone, been reading posts around here for a day or two and you guys seam to know your stuff, so I thought I'd ask your advice I'm looking for a good pair of headphones somewhere in around the $150-$220 Australian Dollar range (around $115-$170 USD, keep in mind things generally cost...