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  1. Underdog311

    where to buy cheap screen protector

    Saran wrap. $2.19 at your local Wal-Mart.
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    1 GB Nano or 1 GB Shuffle?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Teerawit For me I would get the shuffle because: 1) I listen to my playlists in shuffle mode anyway 2) thus I don't need a screen 3) I want to have the shuffle's legendary SQ 4) I don't want to worry about scratching the nano. Legendary? Not...
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    1Gig Shuffles a pain to find

    I have been reading about a lot of shuffles being mysteriously found on the road, at the gym, even at a restaurant. You would think people would be more careful with their toys. Then again, I had a best friend who would have a new digital camera, and he would tell me he "found it on the...
  4. Underdog311

    The Westone UM1/UM2 Appreciation Thread

    so it is not a two piece cord then?
  5. Underdog311

    itunes and ipod Question

    Hey guys, I finally have a 5g video ipod, 30 gig, and I am learning to use itunes. I have a question though... With itunes, I notice that if i just start listening to my music on my computer, when a new song begins it transitions into it. Bascially meaning, the old song fades out and the new...
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    Help Me. Any reasons to avoid the SONY NW-HD5?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Csidinim I think this glassy model with lopsided control placement is fundamentally hideous, but I guess a lot of people do actually like it... whatever happened to universal aesthetics. I couldn't agree more. It looks stupid, especially when compared...
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    Another 'what should i buy' question!

    Thanks, that makes sense.
  8. Underdog311

    Sony Connect Users...

    Connect is a worthless piece of dung, I couldn't even burn several tracks I had purchased because of rights. Honestly, I have had it with Sony in general as far anything to do with digital audio.
  9. Underdog311

    iLounge confirmed audio defect gone in 5G iPods!

    I am actually jumping ship from a Sony HD3 to a Ipod G5...but I never knew the 4g's had hiss problems as well (the HD3 has a pretty bad hiss that finally drove me out of my mind and ending up selling it on ebay). Hopefully, the 5g ipod will not repeat what I just got rid of.
  10. Underdog311

    Who's Getting a 5G Ipod?

    Ok I ordered a black one today, I just couldnt help it, Ive wanted an ipod for far to long and now the 5g in that sick looking black? I am in. Hopefully it gets here soon!
  11. Underdog311

    Who's Getting a 5G Ipod?

    Quote: Originally Posted by lal316l Best Question Evar! Yes it does play mp3. haha I actually had asked a co worker who owns an Ipod 4th gen and he said it doesnt play mp3, only aac.
  12. Underdog311

    Who's Getting a 5G Ipod?

    I think I am gonna give this a quick question though-does the Ipod play mp3 files? Thats all I have is mp3's and i do not want to re download or re rip all my stuff. Thanks.
  13. Underdog311

    Price question regaurding new Ipod...

    Sounds like a good deal to me.
  14. Underdog311

    Rio Carbon Impressions (mini epic)

    I had a carbon for a month and loved it. but I took it back only cuz i wanted a player with more capacity. I am planning on buying another carbon soon.
  15. Underdog311

    SONY NW HD5 anybody own one?

    Happy SEARCHing...
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    Ripping just part of a CD

    Quote: Originally Posted by ajt976 No doubt, luckily he is now silenced! I thought it was more interesting today when I went to download the 6th, 7th, and 8th symphonies that they switched commentators and it is now a woman speaking...she's got to go as well! LOL
  17. Underdog311

    Ripping just part of a CD

    Well I went with one of ya'lls suggestions and it worked like a charm! Thanks everyone! I now have the most awesome ring tone selection, and I dont have to burn $2.50 a pop for em anymore.
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    No More iPod Mini For Me

    I think my grandma works for cnet. Quote: Originally Posted by zip22 well the sony got 24.2 hours and the ipod mini got 21.1 in cnets tests. ipodlounge got over 25 hours in their ipod mini test. now lets take a poll as to which company has better software also, the ipod...
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    Just bought my first MP3 player...advice??

    Lo and behold, I have discovered LAME! Wow...what a difference. Thanks for the post, I never came across that web site.
  20. Underdog311

    No More iPod Mini For Me

    If you want battery life you gotta go Sony. I have a HD3 that I listen to non stop. I fall asleep with it on all the time, thinking that I am going to have to charge it when I wake up. Nope...thing keeps humming. Screw Apple.
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    Quick Sony Nw-HD5 question

    Mine keeps my coffee warm.
  22. Underdog311

    HD5: silver, black or red?

    non of the above?
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    Best place to buy Sony NW-E507 online? (shipping to Melbourne, Australia)

    While I don't recommend's editorials, I do like the fact that you can just type a product in on the search and when it pulls up, you can find a list of places to buy it from. I have found great prices using that method and they are stores that you can trust.
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    Ripping just part of a CD

    Ya'll totally rock. Thanks
  25. Underdog311

    Ripping just part of a CD

    awesome such as?