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  1. memorex

    ath-w5000's are SHOCKING

    Got my pair last week and I'm getting a lot of times where there's a static elect. build-up and my ear's close enough to the metal driver cover that it sends a nice shock there that I can hear. Sometimes it's enough that it knocks out m m-audio transit (somehow? w5000's ->headroom little ->...
  2. memorex

    M-Audio Transit- my notes on it

    I was running my mp3's from my laptop (Dell Latitude D810) to my Headroom Little and then to my RS-1's. Before the transit, and with other headphones and canal phones, if I turned the music off, I'd get static. With the Transit, there is absolute silence. Other than that, I haven't noticed...
  3. memorex

    Help me before I waste money

    I'm looking -very- hard at the headroom Desktop Amp: combined with their power supply. That's something like a grand to go with my RS-1's. So the headphones will be less than the amp/supply. I already have a headroom Little amp...