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  1. budgetboy

    V-MODA Revolver?

    So...another year goes by...   Any updates on the release date of the V-Moda Revolver?   I'm on the fence about getting a refurb M-100 for $180. I just got the XS today, and I'm loving the lighter bass and cliqfold headband. If the Revolver came out with similar updates anytime in the next 6...
  2. budgetboy

    portable headphones compared - Amperior, DT-1350, HD-25
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  4. budgetboy

    Enabling analogue line out on Macbook Pro (retina)

    This is a bit of a niche question, but I'll shoot.   I recently acquired a Macbook Pro Retina.   On the specs page (, under "audio", it states:   Support for audio line out (digital/analog)   Image:    ...
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    I'd recommend the Headstage Arrow. Real slim design, great feature set, and you really don't need the added power you'd get with a bulkier amp, as the W3s are ridiculously sensitive. The EQ functions are nice to have, and probably sound a good deal better, in terms of basic bass boost, treble...
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    Introducing the K550. Built for the studio, engineered for the iPod, and designed with a mature sense of style, these are AKG's sexiest headphones yet.
  7. budgetboy

    High quality Internet radio streams for iPhone

    Just got an iPhone, looking for free, high quality streaming radio for listening over wifi. The higher the bitrate, the better: 256 Kbps and up. Also looking for a free app to organize said streams.
  8. budgetboy

    Travel Case for AKG K550 (and high quality cable turtle)

    Thanks for your responses!   inobobo - I think I would be too worried about the effects of the cable bending at such sharp angles. My M50 cable stopped transmitting both channels after months of use. I think I'm looking for something more like...
  9. budgetboy

    Travel Case for AKG K550 (and high quality cable turtle)

    Hey there.   I just bought the K550 headphones on Amazon. Now I'm looking for a travel case that would fit the headphones and protect them, mostly for carrying them around in a backpack.   Also, any suggestions for a small cable manager would be appreciated. 3 meters is a bit long for...
  10. budgetboy

    beyerdynamic T5p: Photos and first impressions.

    I'm sure I'll enjoy the bass, but for things like playing video games or certain kinds of electronic music, I'd like a sound more like a subwoofer  on medium volume.   My sources are an iPhone 4S and Macbook Pro. I know there's a ton of EQ apps for the iPhone, but I'd rather have my sound...
  11. budgetboy

    Beyerdynamic T5p - Neutral?

    I was thinking I'd buy the Headstage Arrow HE 12HE 4G and use the bass boost function if I wanted to listen with bass. I'm sure they could handle it. I think they cut the bass down to increase clarity from low powered sources. Amplification is very important to move the drivers enough to create...
  12. budgetboy

    SRH 940 Alternatives

    I'm looking for a neutral, comfortable, closed headphone to be used for music production and listening through a macbook pro and virus ti2 synthesizer. I really like the idea of the SRH 940, but I'm open to other options. Have any suggestions in the $200+ range?
  13. budgetboy

    Customs at age 19 - bad idea?

    I say do it, you bearded kitten.
  14. budgetboy

    Portable Headphone Amps + speakers (e.g. soundmatters foxl)

    No, a portable headphone amp isnt going to help much. The problem is likely with your phone's audio output, I know the DROID is far from the king of sound quality   All I know is the Cowon J3 playing FLAC to the foxlv2 sounds great 
  15. budgetboy

    Stylish portable headphones with good sound quality

    I'd like to start a collection of stylish portable headphones with good sound quality to own and resell to college students.   I've just purchased a Crossfade LP to start my collection. I plan to add a Skullcandy Aviator, and possibly a V-Moda M-80.   What are some other portable...
  16. budgetboy

    New HD25 with shinny shell and silly name

      My thoughts exactly. Like a jackal, I'm stalking this new prey in wait of the inevitable price drop.    Thanks for the thorough explanation. Seems like the J3 is better at driving headphones than I ever thought. I've never been able to justify buying a dac because I just load all...
  17. budgetboy

    Customs at age 19 - bad idea?

    Awesome, thanks for all the replies. ES5, here i come!
  18. budgetboy

    New HD25 with shinny shell and silly name

    Probably voiced for the consumer market, as to be expected. Not necessarily a bad thing - not everyone likes the sound of an ENT monitoring-designed headphone.   Jude confirms that the Amperior is...
  19. budgetboy

    J3 - ? - M50

    A big part of my interest in this amp was to try out amps in the first place - the T3 just has an added benefit of being relatively cheap. I hear a lot of talk about amps and it makes me want to see what all the fuss is about. But realistically, I want as little bulk and complexity as possibly...
  20. budgetboy

    Customs at age 19 - bad idea?

    I remember reading somewhere that if you get customs too young, your ear canals will change shape slightly as you finish growing and basically defeat the purpose of getting customs. Is 19 too young?   P.S. The customs in question are the ES5s, which use heat-molded vinyl tips. If that...
  21. budgetboy

    Soundmatters foxL v2 Portable Speakers

    Does it really stack up in terms of sound quality? I know price doesn't equal performance, but I imagine a $40 speaker vs a $150 one should be no contest at all. Not to put down the Spider in any way, I'm sure its awesome for the price
  22. budgetboy

    Where's the S:flo2?

    I plan to get the ES5 when i get the money, and I'll undoubtedly be curious about better sounding players once I have those little beauties in my ears.   But should I get the T51...or save up for a HM-801? 
  23. budgetboy

    J3 - ? - M50

    Good to hear, Expatin.   Yeah, I actually just got that same comment on another thread. I guess I just assumed the M50 needed more amp to maximize its potential, but I listen at low volume levels and maybe the M50 just isn't my headphone. I think I may just go the customs route and avoid...
  24. budgetboy

    New HD25 with shinny shell and silly name

    I enjoy the M50, but don't have any other full-size headphones to compare it to. I think I get better detail retrieval from my W3 though, plus the cord on my M50 is kind of messed up, so I use my W3 around the house and barely ever touch my M50. The bass impact is really nice though, a lot more...
  25. budgetboy

    New HD25 with shinny shell and silly name

    As a person with a Cowon J3 as his audio source, I'm excited about the low impedance of these new phones. Given that I don't have a line-out on my preferred audio player, I'm trying to stay out of the amp game altogether. Even though the HD 25 is considered one of the headphones that "doesn't...