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  1. falcogreg

    tube rolling suggestions

    Regarding the tube adapters, where can you buy those? Also, who or where is a good source for either the 6sn7 and/or 5687's or 6bl7gt/6bx7gt's output tubes? Thanks, Greg
  2. falcogreg

    Wireless Headphone Recommendations

    I currently have a pair of Senn's hdr40's. Unfortunately, they have no range whatsoever, Even when I'm within a few feet I stll have interference. Forget walking out of the room or even out of eyesight. Very disappointed with these. Does anyone have alternative suggestions? I'm not worried too...
  3. falcogreg

    If anyone doubts break-in, then you're....

    If you go back to my original post and re-read it, I made a point of stating that I didn't listen to the headphones after my initial listening out of the box for a couple of hours until they had over 200 hours on them. So, I did not get "used to the sound of them". I did that intentionally just...
  4. falcogreg

    K701/K601 Thumb UP or Thumb DOWN?

    Originally posted by mrarroyo Quote: I love my K701, very detailed and good bass. It blows away the HD600. I agree wholeheartedly. The 701's are far superior to the HD600's I'm eventually goin to get e thread on this as well as the DT880's (all 3 in my possession at thie time ) I...
  5. falcogreg

    Curse you "SACD Lover"!!!

    Thanks for that great explanation! BTW, I also went with the 6sn7 tube option. Guess I forgot to mention that in my initial post. So, based on your expalantion, it appears it is something I may want to consider, no? If I understand correctly, the money I save in tubes by buying 12sn7 tubes...
  6. falcogreg

    Curse you "SACD Lover"!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by sacd lover Seriously... the 12 volt upgrade may be tough to afford right now but the upgrade will pay for itself in no time. The minute you start pricing 6sn7 tubes will regret not getting the 12 volt option. Dare I ask what is this upgrade you...
  7. falcogreg

    Curse you "SACD Lover"!!!

    Twice I posted asking for advice on tube amps and twice you "insisted" I look at the ppx3 slam. I tried resisiting. I really did!!! However, after a phone call with Mikhail today, I gave in. It's all your fault! I was trying to be a good doobie and keep it around $500 but I'm weak. Resistance is...
  8. falcogreg

    What is your latest/ next headphone purchase?

    Was going to got for thre DT 880's until word came out about the 601/701. So, I'm just in a wait and see mode...but it will be one of these.
  9. falcogreg

    SR-71 Not Driving DT 990 Pro's Well Enough.

    Ray, Is the gain on your SR-71 amps fixed at 6 or can we "flick" an internal switch to vary it? I realize you can make whatever gain you want when you design and build it but I'm just wondering if it can be varied by the user as some other amps can be. Thanks, Greg
  10. falcogreg

    AKG K 701 - I am excited

    Originally posted by flecom i seem to have accentally pre-ordered some 701's also... damn whats the world coming to Man, how can you pre-order these without any feedback or reviews whatsoever? And they don't even offer a discount or anything considering you're buying an unheard product...
  11. falcogreg

    x5l cradle problem?

    OK, next stupid question. Exactly where is the settings location? Don't see it under Control Panel? Thanks again, Greg
  12. falcogreg

    x5l cradle problem?

    OK, just got my cradle and it did the same thing. How did you go about setting the unit up to USB hub mode? Thanks, Greg
  13. falcogreg

    Upgrade Advice Please

    Thanks for the info. Keep in mind, mine are from 1987. I'd be willing to bet there have been a few changes over the years. In it's day, these were really good cans. However, progress marches on so the SR60's surpass these older generation. That was the reasoning for the question. What would I...
  14. falcogreg

    Archos 200 vs. 202 & 400 vs. 402-differnces?

    I've been researching the 200 & 400 players. When checking amazon, it also lists a 202 and 402. For the life of me, I can't figure out the difference. Does anybody know? Must admit, I'm leaning towards the x5 but just want to explore my options. TIA, Greg