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  1. mrfizzed

    Does Sennheiser make...?

    I currently own a pair of sennheiser cx280 IEM headphones....after listening to them again i find that they are better than I originally thought and for my personal taste suit me nicely.  That being said...they do not have an inline mic or iphone controls etc.  Does sennheiser make a similar...
  2. mrfizzed

    Help, tried etymotics, full size sennheiser, bose etc

    Ok so for past two years I've been experimenting a lot. I currently have... etymotic hf3 iem etymotic mc3 iem sennheiser hd202 sennheiser hd239   i had bose oe2   people rave over the etymotics and I will admit they are phenomenal when it does to clarity and musical...
  3. mrfizzed

    Bought bose, tour bus usage.

    I'm probably going to go with the comply tips...looks like there are 18 for 3 pairs of the ps series (best noise isolating) ir 22 for 5 pairs so i will go with the 5 pairs.  question for you do i know which size to get?  also, will the comply tips made for etymotic hf5 work with their...
  4. mrfizzed

    Etymotic MC vs HF series and Foam Tip Recommendations?

    very detailed info...thank you for the update.  looks like etymotic sells their own foam tips...are they any good?  are they any better than the rubber ones that come with the headphones?
  5. mrfizzed

    Bought bose, tour bus usage.

    everyone is being so helpful on let me ask this....what IEM would you recommend in the 50-100 range that will do a nice job on noise isolation and still be comfortable?  in the $30-60 range?  I had a bad experience with a pair if song iem's where the rubber piece actually came off in...
  6. mrfizzed

    Bought bose, tour bus usage.

    I had my wife buy me bose oe2 headphones for christmas because I assumed this was a good thing to do.  Obviously I am far from an audiophile but need some help.  I had Sony in ear headphones that I thought sounded good (about $40) but the main reason for me wanting new headphones is because I...
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