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  1. budgetboy

    portable headphones compared - Amperior, DT-1350, HD-25
  2. budgetboy

    Enabling analogue line out on Macbook Pro (retina)

    This is a bit of a niche question, but I'll shoot.   I recently acquired a Macbook Pro Retina.   On the specs page (, under "audio", it states:   Support for audio line out (digital/analog)   Image:    ...
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    High quality Internet radio streams for iPhone

    Just got an iPhone, looking for free, high quality streaming radio for listening over wifi. The higher the bitrate, the better: 256 Kbps and up. Also looking for a free app to organize said streams.
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    Travel Case for AKG K550 (and high quality cable turtle)

    Hey there.   I just bought the K550 headphones on Amazon. Now I'm looking for a travel case that would fit the headphones and protect them, mostly for carrying them around in a backpack.   Also, any suggestions for a small cable manager would be appreciated. 3 meters is a bit long for...
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    SRH 940 Alternatives

    I'm looking for a neutral, comfortable, closed headphone to be used for music production and listening through a macbook pro and virus ti2 synthesizer. I really like the idea of the SRH 940, but I'm open to other options. Have any suggestions in the $200+ range?
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    Stylish portable headphones with good sound quality

    I'd like to start a collection of stylish portable headphones with good sound quality to own and resell to college students.   I've just purchased a Crossfade LP to start my collection. I plan to add a Skullcandy Aviator, and possibly a V-Moda M-80.   What are some other portable...
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    Customs at age 19 - bad idea?

    I remember reading somewhere that if you get customs too young, your ear canals will change shape slightly as you finish growing and basically defeat the purpose of getting customs. Is 19 too young?   P.S. The customs in question are the ES5s, which use heat-molded vinyl tips. If that...
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    A couple questions

    Why is sensitivity so important in being easy to drive?   Just from looking at specs from different headphone companies, can you tell which headphone will be easier to drive? e.g. HFi 2400: Impedance - 70 ohms / Sensitivity - 94db DT990: Impedance - 32 ohms / Sensitivity - 96db  ...
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    Open, Unamped, Comfortable. DT990/32 vs HFI 2400 vs AD900

    Hey, I would like recommendations from people who have owned any of the above headphones and used them unamped. FWIRs are also welcome.   I'm looking for a set of open, comfortable, headphones to use exclusively from the headphone out of my Cowon S9 mp3 player. In order, my priorities...
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    DT 990 (32 ohm) or DT 770 Pro (80 ohm) - which will run better unamped?

    Which is easier to drive from a portable source? (cowon s9)
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    DT 880/990 32 ohm w/ Cowon S9?

    Hey I'm thinking about getting one of the above headphones, probably the 990, to use with my S9. I know that the consensus around these headphones is that despite the 32-ohm rating, they still don't sound good from portable sources, but most people have ipods. As the S9's amplifier is more...
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    Portables - ATH ES7, Senn Px100-II, HD 238, or Denon D1001

    I have the Cowon S9 and don't want to buy an amp. I like the sound of the IE8s and the M50. I want something very portable that is durable, comfortable, looks good, and sounds great. Under $150 would be great, considered the Senn HD 25 but the high price, questionable comfort, and dorky looks...
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    increase clamp on ath-m50s?

    I got the ATH-M50s a week ago and I love them. The only problem is that I stretched out the headband to decrease the clamp, but now I realized that I want the clamp back. Does anyone know of a way to increase the clamping force of a headphone?
  14. budgetboy

    Sennheiser PX 200-II vs Audio-Technica ATH-ES7

    Looking for a pair of portables to go with my Cowon S9 for biking and skateboarding. Top priorities are durability, comfort and sound quality. Comfort is great, but not at the cost of them falling off my head, so stability is big.       What would you recommend?  
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    Cowon S9 + Sennheiser IE8 = bliss

    I have had this setup for portable and home use for a few months now, and am always impressed by the audio quality.   But I have to say that tonight, listening to markus schulz' new album encoded in flac on my s9 through my ie8s, i was completely blown away. You know when you are completely...
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    Refurbished Headphones?

    What's the deal with refurbished headphones? Are they a great deal or do they break faster? The ones I'm looking at buying come with a 1 year warranty, should I go for it?
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    Fiio E7 vs Nuforce Icon Mobile

    Fiio E7   Nuforce Icon Mobile       I want to buy a cheap portable amp/usb dac and settled on these two, which both cost $100. I will use the amp for ATH-M50, ATH-AD700, and ATH-ES7 headphones. The DAC will replace my headphone-out listening on my macbook and home computer. Which...
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    Introducing the HD25's stylish little brother

    Adidas Originals Sennheiser HD 25-1-2   Same sound quality and indestructability, but in a much prettier package. For those of us who don't like the looks of the original HD25, these are a no-brainer. I might pick these up later this month.  ...
  19. budgetboy

    My very first headphones... ATH-M50 vs HD25 vs HDJ-2000?

    Hey HF,   I'd like some help deciding on what are to be my first (and hopefully only) full size headphones, at least until I start making some real cash. My current setup is a Cowon S9 with Sennheiser IE8s, which is just awesome. I use this setup for both portable and home uses, and it's...