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  1. zachary80

    DAC Dying/Dead?

    My latest setup has my Musical Fidelity X-Dac connected to my PC over S/PDIF, and has been working fine. Yesterday when I powered up my headphone amp (the DAC is always on from the included wall-wart power supply), I heard a moderately loud buzz/hum with distorted audio, similar to whenever a...
  2. zachary80

    Looking for a more comfortable SR-60e replacement

    Many years ago, at a head-fi meet far far away...   I left with the impression that- Grado sr60 were sufficiently different and awesome from most of the show Sony Qualia / mdr-sa5000 were super comfortable, and almost sounded different enough from what I had to justify the price My...
  3. zachary80

    Seeking Budget HT Advice

    I started with an Onkyo HT-R550 htiab setup, moved to an HT-R360 plus those original speakers. I'm looking to upgrade my home theater, which is not normally used for music, probably 65/35 games/movies. Newegg has a sale on the Polk Monitor60 towers (with matching center), which seem well...
  4. zachary80

    Soundcard with quality 5.1 optical out

    I've been out of the loop for a while and am looking for help upgrading at least my desktop HTPC sound card. Right now I'm thinking a soundcard with solid optical out would be most beneficial to my setup. I'd like it to be able to send at least 5.1 to my receiver for movies/games, and have the...
  5. zachary80

    Elpac WM080-1950 Replacement

    I've searched the forums quite a bit but can't find a consensus on this one. What is a good replacement power supply?
  6. zachary80

    Behringer UCA202 - Bit Perfect?

    Can anyone confirm that the Behringer UCA202 is bit-perfect? I read one member's post which said that Behringer claimed it was, but I'd like to see if anyone has confirmed this. It would be the cheapest USB option at $30
  7. zachary80

    Upgrading my Home Theater

    Here is what I have right now, used for gaming/movies/casual listening: Onkyo HTS800 system: HT-R550 Receiver (basically a TX-SR505) Front/Center Speakers: 5.00" OMF Diaphragm Cone x 2 Woofers, 1.00" Balanced-Dome Tweeters, 130 Watts...
  8. zachary80

    HD650 Prices

    Has anyone been watching the price of the HD650? Around the holiday season, it was $300 at numerous stores. However, I was checking today and the cheapest seemed to be $325. Does anyone have any insight into when the price will drop again?
  9. zachary80

    Controller or Synth - Sub $1200

    Sweetwater is just down the road a couple of miles from me, and I have been in a couple times to check their stuff out. Before, I was just looking at synths, but the guy I was working with strongly suggested a controller. They did not have any that interested me set up, but offered to if I had...
  10. zachary80

    Dream Theater Transcriptions

    Does anyone know of any parts that have been done for the piano portion of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance or Train of Thought? Right now we are writing out the piano part to In The Name of God and it is taking quite a while
  11. zachary80

    Starter SACDs

    My new SACD player is on the way, so I am looking for some good SACDs to see what it can do. Right now I have John Coltrane - Blue Train, Pink Floyd - DSOTM, and Beethoven;s no.9 by Karajan and the Berliner Philharmoiker. Hybrids are preferred, but if it is an excellant CD it is fine if it is...
  12. zachary80

    Real Sound

    Lately, when I have been listening to my music and thinking about spending money, I have been bothered by the fact that it just does not sound real. I do not think I could ever confuse a recording with live playing. The question is, is it possible? Is the problem in my equipment or in the actual...
  13. zachary80

    DAC or CDP at ~$300

    What sounds better at that pricepoint, a new DAC or new CDP? The cd player would be a Nad C541i. Not sure of the DAC, but buying a prebuilt DIY one is also an option. I assume a DAC would be better for the money because it has less parts. Is there a difference between coaxial and optical...
  14. zachary80

    FLAC and Lame

    I am thinking about switching from keeping everything backed up as wavs to flacs. I just ripped one disc, and it saved about 25% space. Is this normal? I am using EAC, set up as this guide says, using the command line "-8 -T "title=%t" -T "artist=%a" -T "album=%g" -T "date=%y" -T...
  15. zachary80

    What Next?

    Right now I'm looking for the next big step in my set up. An upgrade that the differences are very clear. I started off with the Senheiser hd497's, they were a huge jump from any headphones I had heard before. From there I got the Sonys, another big step. At that point I decided I would...
  16. zachary80

    Gaming: Music or Speakers

    Which do you all prefer to use for gaming? I only game a little bit (online first person shooters), but I have always preferred by headphones(hd497, mdr7509, and now hd580) over my computer speakers (Klipsch Promedia 4.1), which are supposed to be great for games
  17. zachary80


    I am looking to buy a new soundcard to be used in addition to my Game Theater XP, mainly for my headphones (speakers are Klipsch ProMedia 4.1). Right now, the Sony CDP365 sounds much better than my computer. Uses: Music; if it wouldn't work alongside my GTXP it would need to be able to do...
  18. zachary80

    2004 Metallica Tour?

    Has anyone gone to a concert from their Madly In Anger With The World tour? I am most likely going ($75 floor tickets), but am not sure how much Saint Anger is going to be played.
  19. zachary80

    Soundcard ~$100

    Gear: Klipsch ProMedia 4.1's Sony mdr7509 (future upgrade) Sennheiser hd580's PIMETA Uses (in order): Music, some gaming (speakers are set to 2.1 because I have no room for the surrounds); no DVD. Right now I have a GTXP and onboard soundstorm, and am leaning towards buying an Audigy...
  20. zachary80

    Standalone SACD Player

    Are there any good (under $500) standalone (no DVD) SACD players? I looked at the Philips 963SA, but I don't need DVD capabilities, and I heard it has poor stereo output.
  21. zachary80

    GTXP vs Revo

    I already own a GTXP. Is there enough reason to add a Revo to my system for my headphones? Will the Revo be a big upgrade? I will probably keep the GTXP installed for it's breakout and for games and my Klipschs. Does the Revo have a headphone out? And where should I buy one of these? I...
  22. zachary80

    hd497, dt770, er4p

    How much of a difference in soundquality is there between the hd497 and the er4p? Like is it going from stock headphones to the 497s? Is the main difference (sq) between amped dt770s and the er4p's that the dt770s have more bass? Can you wear just one of the er4p's?
  23. zachary80

    Ringing Ears

    My ears are ringing because of a jazz festival from earlier today, and it got me wondering, is the ringing in your ears the highest pitch that you can hear?