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  1. Underdog311

    CD music booklets

    I have always kept my cd booklets along with its accompaning CD in zip cases and throw out the jewel cases. However, I have lost some of the booklets and wonder if anyone sells just the booklets to CD's? I checked Ebay with no real luck but a few. I figure yard sales could work, but does anyone...
  2. Underdog311

    Shure E2c or E3c

    Sup fella's, I am going to upgrade from my sony EX-71's (finally) and after reading posts I decided to go Shure (unless anyone else has a case). So which should i get? i do not want to spend over $150 bucks since i am still having to be semi-budget conscience. So should i just get some e2's or...
  3. Underdog311

    I don't have a headphone jack issue

    Who's with me?
  4. Underdog311

    So I just bought a MuVo TX FM...

    512mb version for under 100 bucks. I wanted a player for the gym and I wasn't going to be taking the micro. I am surprised how great this thing sounds! Anyways, chalk up another mp3 player to my short list.