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  1. storrgie

    Sennheiser Momentum M2

    There are many saying they will be at the same price point.
  2. storrgie

    Teac Reference Line UD-501 USB DAC "DSD"

    I quite like the piece. I really wanted something that would work perfectly in Linux and play DoP. I compared this DAC to many other pieces that cost an order of magnitude more and found that I couldn't hear enough of a difference to justify continued search for now.
  3. storrgie

    Please help me with my survey (about storage)

    Currently around 4T. If anyone else is approaching the 1T size I would seriously recommend checking out beets:   Edit: That's 4T of music. It is mostly lossless and I've recently been converting SACDs over to DFF (now that mutagen has added support). I have a good...
  4. storrgie

    Circumaural travel headphones (Alternatives to the PXC450)

    I've been using PXC450 on and off for a long time, they are wonderful headphones. Recently I got one of the Geek Out 1000 and would really like to pair with a passive headphone system. I'm looking for something that can pack away like the PXC450, is circumaural and under the 500$ price point...
  5. storrgie

    TEAC UD-501 on Linux with MPD

    Quite a great piece of equipment!   If anyone else ran into the issue of hearing pops when changing dsf tracks, please see the discussion here:
  6. storrgie

    Teac Reference Line UD-501 USB DAC "DSD"

    TEAC UD-501 on Fedora 19 with MPD 0.17.3 works perfectly.   Their usb implementation is quite nice and is UAC2 compliant.   I think it might have been the commit in kernel 3.10.7
  7. storrgie

    Teac Reference Line UD-501 USB DAC "DSD"

    My father has an MSB DAC IV and I was able to compare the UD-501 to it. I feel that although there is significant diminishing returns on something as costly as the DAC IV, there still is a difference that you have to decide overall if the financial cost is worth the perceived value.   I love...
  8. storrgie

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    Quote: I agree.
  9. storrgie

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    Quote: Can you provide some sort of substantiation to this claim? I find comments like this misleading and destructive.
  10. storrgie

    Beyerdynamic T70 or Sennheiser HD 650?

    I'll be interested to hear what people say once a good listen has occurred. I may buy some off Amazon to do a side by side.   For me, I carry PXC 450 for travel and office and I listen to the 650 when I'm in my home office. I would prefer to carry a single set of headphones, however I'm not...
  11. storrgie

    ESI Juli@ with ALSA (Linux)

    I put my Juli@ card in tonight and switched mpd over to the right hw (card number)... cant play anything above 44.1. Is anyone aware of an issue like this? my ALSA must be messed up. I could really use some help!
  12. storrgie

    ESI Juli@ with ALSA (Linux)

    I am also very interested in this, mine is on the way. I planned on using it with mpd.  
  13. storrgie

    Detroit - Ann Arbor meet. Let's make it happen.

    I will come to the best of my ability. I would say that I will host but I would like to meet everyone once first then maybe next time. I have quite a bit of fun stuff at my house.
  14. storrgie

    How big of an improvement will AKG 702s be over HD 280 Pros?

    Quote: I would agree except for possibly some difficulty on the DAC design like gamma 1 or gamma 2, it will be difficult to troubleshoot if you run into trouble... troubleshooting is beyond basic soldering skills.   AMB has many good designs, I would recommend you contact TomB who...
  15. storrgie

    Audio-GD NFB-3 with Millet MiniMax or MOSFET-Max

    Bumping to get some more comments, would really appreciate input.
  16. storrgie

    Audio-GD NFB-3 with Millet MiniMax or MOSFET-Max

    Greetings everyone.   I am very new here, but have spent my last several days reading and reading about the various components available in the price range that I am interested in. This would be my first foray into higher end products and would very much like some advice.   I have a pair...
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  19. storrgie

    CANCELLED - Grand Rapids, Michigan 11/6

    In SE Michigan, looking for Michigan meet up opportunities. Anyone near Ann Arbor?
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