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  1. sarm333

    RMCE-BT2 for Shure 846 worth it?

    My current setup is that I use the Radsone Earstudio ES100 with my Shure SE846 and a Balanced 2.5mm cable. I like this setup but sometimes do get annoyed by being tied to a cable and small device (ES100). Would it be a major downgrade to get the RMCE-BT2's? It seems that there is no built in...
  2. sarm333

    Review by 'sarm333' on item 'Shure SE535-V Earphone'

      Intro  I'm no audiophile so sorry if I don't use the appropriate terminology within my review. I'm just a guy who likes to enjoy his music where ever I go. I usually commute most my life (to university and work) so I want a really good pair of earphones that will last as my companion...
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