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    How Many Times Have Your LCD3 Headphones Been Returned to Audeze for Servicing (RMA)?

    Can you change your answer to the poll?   I transitioned from the "None" to "Once" state :(. Found my right driver to be totally dead today. It was sudden did not notice any sound issues before putting them down 3 days ago... .    I had a LCD3F built (and delivered) in December 2014. Will be...
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    Schiit Gungnir DAC

    Have you tried both USB ports? My left MBPro port stoppen working with my DAC recently... .
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    Welcome to the SchiitShow!

    +1, I've found their service exceptional; received very fast and to the point responses to some questions I had w.r.t. Ragnarok. 
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    The All-New WA7 Fireflies from Woo Audio

    It's fixed, the volume control only changes output of the amplified outputs.
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    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

    Yes, 21% VAT is included. Currently it is on sale from €2590. 
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    ☯️ Cavalli Audio's Liquid Carbon... a $599 Cavalli amp???

    I've got a Furman PL8-CE sitting in my guitar rack feeding an amp modeller + power amp ( These go for about $170 @ B&H. Maybe I should try it with my audio rig.   I've also heard reports that "power conditioners" can negatively impact...
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    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    DAC is always USB powered, so no point in turning the unit on in D/A-only mode.
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    ☯️ Cavalli Audio's Liquid Carbon... a $599 Cavalli amp???

    Quote: It seems I only got a 2/4 ;). Makes total sense BTW and looking forward to the final design . 
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    Yggdrasil: A (P)review - Two days of paradise

    , release party imminent! Don't forget to send a couple over to your Benelux distributor ;). 
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    New Audeze LCD3

    IMHO, Ragnarok sounds less lean and warmer compared to Mjolnir (this is with LCD3F & the DAC in my WA7 which is awaiting an upgrade).    I prefer the Ragnarok's overall presentation although there are albums that the Rag/LCD3F still renders too thick in my book which means the Mjolnir is not...
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    Schiit Owners Unite

    Purrin compared the Mani favourably to a phono box mkII if that helps you (search for "ch*ngstar" Mani to find out!)
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    Schiit Owners Unite

    Interesting, I'm eyeing an RP6 as well and there don't seem to be many reviews out on the Mani. Were you able to compare it with other phono stages? Are you running an exact cartridge on the rega?
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    MrSpeakers Ether Impressions Thread

    Thanks Currawong! I'm running LCD3F now so not expecting any harshness on Rag/Yggy; in fact I wouldn't mind a bit more bite..., so might look into the Ether in the future as well. 
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    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

    New Ragnarok review:
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    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    Sounds pretty normal to me. Tubes get hot, don't worry ;). Enjoy the coffee!
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    You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

    You can find the specs through the FAQ page : It's actually 774mW @ 32 Ohm and 1.4W @ 120 Ohm according to that data sheet, decreasing to 309 mW @ 600 Ohm. 
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    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    Amp tubes had multiples of that on them, no option to audition a HE-560 with that many hours hence the FWIW and caveats ;).  
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    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    FWIW, I did a short (+- 1.5 hours) audition with HE-560 and WA7 (stock, no TP), and didn't came away particularly impressed either. Especially the high-end bothered me on that combo (too aggressive). Caveat : a) Didn't know about the pad differences at that time, focus-A pads can probably...
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    Audeze LCD-X

    There's a discrepancy between those charts at Innerfidelity and recent FR plots that have been posted in the LCD3 thread here and here. Could be sample variation but I had two LCD3Fs delivered with production date end of december and neither of those show a significant bass rolloff. In fact...
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    Audeze LCD-X

    Actually, the 5kHz level is pretty similar, but there's a profound difference in the 2-4 kHz range. 
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    Audeze Deckard - class A amp, USB DAC

    At Hifiplus the following (significantly higher) power ratings were mentioned:   "The class A amp section of the Deckard is quite powerful, putting out 3.2 watts at 20 Ohms (for purposes of driving Audeze’s LCD-X headphone), 2.1 watts at 30 Ohms (for the Audeze EL-8), 900mW at 70 Ohms (for the...
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    New Audeze LCD3

    Well I just got it, and I'm loving it already ;). FR plot attached for those interested:
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    ENIGMAcoustics Dharma

    To add to BlakeT's info, I've received the following info from ENIGMA: - Q2 is targeted as the earliest possible release date - Distributorships are being established (e.g. for the Benelux region) - CanJam appearance 28-29/03 for Dharma and Athena, Munich High-end as well - Any competently...
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    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    This looks right on the money to me (context : the only headphone gear I own is a DT880 (250 Ohm) and a Woo WA7, I have a large death/prog metal collection as well); be sure to demo and evaluate cymbal rendering it can get fatiguing (but you do get a lot of high-end detail and energy in return...
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    New Audeze "Prototype-Z"!

    A visitor at CES asked Audeze: "No sign of high Z. I asked and the answer was 'somewhat June', but I won't betting that date."   Edit: Source removed