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  1. Destroysall

    Arizona Head-Fi Meet: October 25th, 2014

    Hello everybody! So after countless amounts of failed efforts and being held back by the heavy chains of life, it's time we step back from reality and hold a Head-Fi meet. We will be meeting on Saturday, October 25th. DETAILS BELOW.   Location:   Harmon Library 1325 S. 5th Ave Phoenix, AZ...
  2. Destroysall

    Which Schiit amplifier for Beyerdynamic DT 990/600 Ω?

    Hello fellow Head-fi'ers; it's been a long while since I've created a thread such as this. I am currently looking to switch over to either the Schiit Magni or the Vali from my HiFiMAN EF2A headphone amplifier so I can properly have my Beyerdynamic DT 990/600 Ω sufficiently powered. Any...
  3. Destroysall

    AZ November 23rd Meet Impresions

    Hey guys; so this meet was a blast! Despite all the downpour from the enigmatic weather of Arizona, we all made it! Thanks to all that attended! Please post your impressions and further comments here. My quick impressions (I will elaborate on more later). I wasn't able to listen to everyone's...
  4. Destroysall

    AZ Head-Fi Meet, November 23rd!!!!!!

    Things have finalized and the meeting date will be November 23rd of this year.   Location:   Harmon Library 1325 S. 5th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85007   Time:   9:00a - 4:00p   Meeting Room Guidelines (PLEASE READ) →...
  5. Destroysall

    AZ Winter 2013 Meet: A Round 2 in the same year

    EDIT: NOVEMBER 23rd IS THE SET DATE FOR OUR NEXT MEET!!!!! →   So our last meeting was without a doubt successful.  It was a tad unfortunate that things did end a bit earlier than expected (my most sincerest apologies to Andolink...
  6. Destroysall

    AZ Summer 2013 Meet Impressions

    UPDATE: LINK TO NEXT MEET THREAD -->   So welcome to the Summer 2013 impressions thread, fellow Arizonians!  Please share your impressions and maybe even photos here.  
  7. Destroysall

    AZ Head-Fi Meet, JULY 13th!!!

    Hello fellow Arizonians! Our next meet is this upcoming weekend: Saturday, July 13th!! It is finally going to happen!! Location: Burton Barr Central Library in downtown Phoenix. Meeting Room B.  Ask for "Head-Fi Meet" at Customer Service desk. The room is, however, to the right (near the...
  8. Destroysall

    Compensating hearing with the use of a graphic equalizer.

    So I did a Google search and discovered a website that allows one to test their hearing. I tested mine at -12dB and came up with this result.   Now I know this is not clinically or even officially accurate. Though I wish there was a way to test stereo hearing (for both ears). I did read...
  9. Destroysall

    Foobar2000 Stereo Conversion

    So in having received John Coltrane's album, "My Favorite Things", I discovered that through speakers the album sounds glorious. However, through my headphones, it is extremely panned for a stereo recording that listening can become exhausting. In foobar2000's DSP manager, I applied the "convert...
  10. Destroysall

    Loudspeaker Recommendations

    So loudspeakers have gained my interest as of recent and I have learned a few things about electrostatic transducers. However, my knowledge about them is still developing. I have looked at brands such as Bowers & Wilkins, KEF, Paradigm, Wharfedale, and even the simple and budget-friendly Andrew...
  11. Destroysall

    Replacement parts for Beyerdynamics DT990?

    Anyone know if Beyerdynamics sells replacement cup bearings (the part surrounds the grills) for the DT990?
  12. Destroysall

    Should I find a better copy or what?

    Hello all,   I've been doing some reading here and there on Jazz masterpiece "Kind of Blue" from Miles Davis.  I do have a CD copy that I purchased from a local Wal-Mart years ago.  I have heard that the Legacy Edition is better in quality, and wanted to know if I should go ahead and grab...
  13. Destroysall

    Re-rip to ALAC?

    Almost all my music files are in .AIFF format (Apple's alternative to .WAV).  Should I re-rip my music into ALAC format?  Is there any loss in SQ or anything at all?
  14. Destroysall

    USB or Coax: Is There A Difference?

    As my sig reads, I currently have the Fiio E10.  It has a both a Coax and USB input(s).  I am using the USB input, but I wanted to know if there would be an audible difference if I used a Coax cable instead of a USB?  I currently use a PC and it has a built-in Coax output.  If not, then I'm...
  15. Destroysall

    Will M-Audio Fast Track USB serve as a decent DAC or DAC/Amp?

    Happy Holidays everyone!!     Well, tis this Christmas Eve I started wondering how my M-Audio Fast Track USB would serve as a DAC for a dedicated Headphone Amplifier like the FiiO E9 or more particularly, the Schiit Audio Asgard?  It is a recording interface, but for now I use it as both a...
  16. Destroysall

    Good Studio/Home Cans

    Hey guys,   My brother wanted cheap headphones for his studio class.  He liked my Ultrasone HFI-580 (finally went out and bought them, and they sound gorgeous, thanks for all the suggestions on those!), however, he does not want to spend the money for them, he just wants something similar...