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  1. RedJohn456

    Odyssey HD (featuring VE's new iOS adapter) - Impressions and Discussion Thread

    VE Odyssey HD Who are they? Venture Electronics is best known for the Monk and Monk Plus, 5 dollar earbuds that astounded audiophiles the world over. In addition, they have a star studded line up comprised of Earbuds, In ear monitors and headphone accessories as well as amplifiers spanning...
  2. RedJohn456

    VE Odyssey - Discussions and Impressions Thread

    Odyssey + Monk Plus = Gaming Goodnesss EDIT 2: Alas, it has been quite some time since I last updated this thread and lately I have found myself with more time for gaming. And thus, in combining my love of gaming with that of headphones & music, I have discovered that the odyssey HD and monk...
  3. RedJohn456

    Venture Electronics Custom Balanced HD600 Cable

    When I started looking for a well-built balanced cable for the HD600, it didn’t take me too long to realize that it will be an expensive endeavor. For example take a look at the “official” offering from Sennheiser at Yikes!!! Enter Venture Electronics...
  4. RedJohn456

    Venture Electronics RunABOUT 2.0 official thread - Transportable Extraordinaire!

    Venture Electronics - RunABOUT 2.0 Transportable Extraordinaire!     I figured I should get around to making an official thread for this bad boy seeing as how much I love this little amp. Let me introduce the RunABOUT 2.0, successor to the first RunABOUT, which was already considered to be a...
  5. RedJohn456

    Upcoming DAP from xDuoo - the X10!

    xDuoo X10   So I have been following the development of this DAP, which has since undergone design revisions as well as a name change but its looking better than ever! It looks to be ready for release and I wanted to share some pics of them (found them online on weibo). I will be getting a...
  6. RedJohn456

    Black Friday & Cyber Moday Deals 2015 (Merged)

    Howdy folks   I have already started receiving emails with early black friday deals and such (just tvs so far) and I figured might as well get the party started! Please feel free to post any good (audio related) deals you come across here. Hopefully we can find some really awesome ones   ...