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  1. thomasu

    Comment by 'thomasu' on listing 'ZMF Atrium + Upgrade Cable + Extras'

    It's sold already, it's in the title
  2. ZMF Atrium + Upgrade Cable + Extras

    Hi, I am selling my lightly used ZMF Atrium set as I plan to upgrade to something else in the future. Included are: ZMF Atrium Stock Universe Perforated Pads Auteur Lambskin Perforated Pads Stock braided cable terminated in 6.3mm Upgrade ZMF OFC Cable terminated in 4 Pin XLR Radial Vented Titan...
  3. thomasu

    Introducing the Audeze MM-500!

    By any chance, are the pads removable on the MM-500?
  4. 64 Audio U12t + 64 Audio Premium Silver Cable

    Just returned from 64 audio from being serviced. I love the sound of these, but I have to free up some funds so I am selling it. Includes everything pictured. Both of the stock cable and silver cable terminate in 3.5mm. Information about the premium silver cable here...
  5. thomasu

    ZMF Atrium - new open-back co-flagship

    I finally got a new cable from @skedra :xf_cool:
  6. Airpods Max (Blue) + Spigen Hard Protector

    Purchased on March 29. I used it for 1 trip, and then put it back in the box. Condition is like new. Includes everything pictured. $350 shipped to CONUS
  7. thomasu

    Feedback by 'thomasu' on listing 'Meze SILVER PLATED PCUHD Cable (2.5m)'

    Fast payment and smooth transaction. A pleasure to do business with! :)
  8. thomasu

    Feedback by 'thomasu' on listing '64 Audio U12T'

    Responsive and a pleasure to buy from. Highly recommend!
  9. Meze SILVER PLATED PCUHD Cable (2.5m)

    Selling these due to the length being too long to work for my desk setup. They have less than 10 hours of use on them. Length is 2.5m $400 shipped to CONUS.
  10. thomasu

    Feedback by 'thomasu' on listing 'Meze Empyrean (Open Box)'

    A pleasure to trade with! Fast shipping and took the time to answer my questions :) Thank you
  11. thomasu

    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    If you're looking for an EQ app for MacOS, there's a few recommendations here:
  12. Blue Jeans LC-1 RCA Cables (6 ft)

    Barely a month old. I originally had these hooked up to one of my pre outs, but I decided to sell it so I'm selling this cable also. $45 shipped to CONUS.
  13. Meze Empyrean (Open Box)

    Selling these due to me wanting to jump up to the next tier and get the Elites. Barely have 10 hours of use on them. Includes original box and accessories. Cable is terminated in 4 Pin XLR. Asking $2300 shipped & insured to CONUS
  14. thomasu

    Feedback by 'thomasu' on listing 'Thieaudio Monarch (Original) Great Condition'

    Great to deal with! Fast shipping and in perfect condition
  15. thomasu

    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    Thanks for reading my review! My settings are actually 90% the same as Oratory's, just with a little less treble and more air. If you want to experiment some more, you can get their write-up from here:
  16. thomasu

    Oriolus Products General Discussion Thread

    I've got a Crassirostris on the classifieds if anyone is interested!
  17. Oriolus Crassirostris

    I'm downsizing some of my collection to make room for speakers. Up for sale is a like new Oriolus Crassirostris. Purchased from MusicTeck back in February of this year. They have less than 10 hours of use on them. I am also including a free hard shell IEM case. Includes original packaging and...
  18. Norne Pure Copper Focal Utopia Cable

    This is a new cable that Trevor is working on. I originally ordered a Norne Zoetic, but Trevor was gracious enough to upgrade me to a newer design. I don't think there is a release date or model name for this yet. It is an 8 wire 19.8awg pure copper occ litz design. I used these for less than 20...
  19. Focal Utopia (2022 Stock)

    They were purchased back in February of this year from Gramophone. Warranty is active and transferrable. They have less than 20 hours of use total. Stock cables were never used and includes all original box and accessories. $3400 shipped and insured to the CONUS.
  20. thomasu

    Flux Lab Acoustics Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier, VOLOT - Mythical Giant or Giant Killer ? News, Speculation, Impressions, reviews and discussion

    I've listed my Volot for sale if anyone is interested:
  21. Flux Labs Volot Dual Mono Class-A Headphone Amplifier

    I am moving places soon, so I need to downsize and get rid of some of my larger items. I have up for a sale a mint Flux Labs Volot received back in October 2021. Remote control was unused and left in the box. Works and performs like new. All original packaging and accessories included. $2400...
  22. Empire Ears Odin + XINHS Graphene Cables

    Lightly used. I'm downsizing so I have decided to sell it. I am not the original owner, but I have their 7/2021 invoice if you need a warranty claim. I don't have the stormbreaker cable, but I have included a XINHS graphene cable terminated in 4.4mm along with a 3.5mm and Neutrik 4 Pin XLR...
  23. Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt

    I don't get to use these as much as I wanted so I am selling it. Includes everything pictured. $275 shipped to CONUS. Payments accepted through Paypal.