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  1. rreynol

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    (If it doesn't work, I'll just drive up to Cocoa and chuck it at the factory ) and
  2. rreynol

    Post your strange fortune cookie "fortune"

    I once got one the said (no lie).... "good drink. good life. fight oppression."
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    Ordered one of these earlier this week. Can't wait to take delivery of it.
  4. rreynol

    Rant, Return shipping sucks.

    After they've received the item / sent the replacement, complain to customer service about the return shipping. I've done this in the past and have had success getting the amount refunded to me. If you don't ask, the answer is always "no".
  5. rreynol

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Quote: Originally Posted by marvin The AR-15: Legos for Grownups. Going with a .223/5.56 upper? Absolutely. Just not sure of what setup yet.
  6. rreynol

    Miss USA out the door.

    Not quite.
  7. rreynol

    DAC to match something on the order of PPAv2

    You could always get a HagUSB to feed into it.
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    Anybody want a Wii?

    Quote: Originally Posted by pds6 rreynol says: That won't happen until after Christmas. Only 29 more days before the Wii Suck Bombs begin to fly. It seems to be the common result for any of the Wii related threads on other forums. I have one and I've been playing it...
  9. rreynol

    Anybody want a Wii?

    Showed up at Toys R Us this morning hoping to score a GBMicro. Got lucky and was greeted by a manager handing out tickets to people that wanted Wii's. Yay!
  10. rreynol

    Burning CD's with a dual Core CPU

    Same here. With buffered cd/dvd writing, it's not much of a worry (regardless of cpu). The only time I've had to "ease up" with my dual core system was burning a dvd from the same SATA drive that I was both unraring a RAR archive on and parity checking another set of files on. The buffer meter...
  11. rreynol

    Refuse / Resist

    Saw this the other day. If it's real, the kid is awesome (He also has a video of him doing some Iron Maiden). ...and yes, that is pretty accurate. If you're into that kind of music (and I am), Sepultura is awesome.
  12. rreynol

    Help me build a DAC

    Quote: Originally Posted by MisterX Did you order the case as well? $55 is kinda spendy but it does look like a nice case. If you are interested: Here is the Chinese link for the "upgrade module" No but I still may get it...
  13. rreynol

    Ipod users (need suggestions on cases) (Ipod Photo)

    I recommend the iSkin Evo2. I've had one on my 4G 20GB since day 1 and have never regretted it. I recently jumped on the 189 60gb photo deal and have already ordered a Evo2 to go with it. I will say that if you have the money, the Vaja case is also quite worth it.
  14. rreynol

    Help me find these Jacks please

    DC Jack looks like Mouser P/N 163-4022 (look at page 887 of the current catalog). Mouser sells the other jack too (or the last time I ordered one, they did) but I'm not sure of the part number. They do carry the NYS215 that firefox mentioned.
  15. rreynol

    $189 Refub 60gb Ipod Photo back for 3 days !

    Mine's supposed to be here Tuesday. I can't wait.
  16. rreynol

    The Departed

    I liked it.
  17. rreynol

    Awesome North Korea pictures

    Quote: Originally Posted by JahJahBinks It's ironic that a country this poor wants to build nukes to defend itself (from what?). p.s. at least they don't have obesity problem like in the US. It's hard to be obese when you barely have enough food to survive.
  18. rreynol

    $189 Refub 60gb Ipod Photo back for 3 days !

    Thanks for the heads up! I've been looking to upgrade my 4G 20GB for a while. I was looking at the new 80GB models but given the price difference, I'd rather get the refurb 60gb photo for 189.
  19. rreynol

    Problems with toy r us

    Quote: Originally Posted by sahwnfras lol wow you guys will just take crap like that... i really doubt you would go to jail for something like that, as i said give him or white one I'd bet they'd at least call the cops if he tried what you suggested.
  20. rreynol

    What's with these Elna caps... ?

    Any update? I'm sure they are genuine but I, too, am curious why they are brown/white. I recently ordered 100uF/25V from digikey and got the brown/white caps.
  21. rreynol

    Finally, a product that makes my mp3s and cds sound better than being in the studio

    On the Awesomeness scale of 1-10, the XFi clocks in at a meager 3 trillion.
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    Just got my Ph.d. degree

    Congratulations. What was the topic of your dissertation?