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  3. tradja

    AKG, AT, or Senn?

    Quote: Originally Posted by strid3r I didn't really like the A500. It had something weird about the sound that I just couldn't get used to, a sort of..."scooped out" sound. I'm not sure how to describe it, but I ended up selling it. Very similar to my experience. I kinda liked...
  4. tradja

    AKG, AT, or Senn?

    Quote: Originally Posted by skudmunky How do the K240s perform without an amp? I knowthe 555s work well ampless, and the Audio Technicas are supposed to also. IMHO, the K240s sound great without an amp. Your Cmoy should tighten the bass "punch" up, as you like. It's funny that...
  5. tradja

    So are the KSC-35's the best 'phones under $50?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Soundscape wait...what about the px-100's, i just came across them and they seem to be highly praised for a 30 dollar pair of headphones. do they have better sq than the ksc 35(or 75)? Don't do this to yourself. Fuhgeddaboudit. Enjoy your KSC-35's! They...
  6. tradja

    Another "I got Beyer Pads for my Sony V6!" 56k warning

    Nice work! Great photos and write-up. I would encourage all V6/7506 owners to consider this great, cheap, and easy mod.
  7. tradja

    Bose Quietcomfort2

    You too can join the Bose-o-phile club! Click here: You know you've arrived when you fly in "Bose Class". This contest illustrates that Bose-snob attitude that people have mentioned here. Snobbery is always annoying (and I'm sure I'm guilty of it...
  8. tradja

    K240S - Good Decision?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kwitel couple questions for you guys: Ok, I'll take a stab at these, but just for disclosure's sake, know that I really like these cans. Quote: Originally Posted by kwitel How would you compare to the hd555's? (as far as soundstage and...
  9. tradja

    Oregon Meet 01-07-06

    Quote: Originally Posted by fewtch Hey cool, a pair of K501s was there. Anyone listen, and have an opinion? I love these cans, but I suspect they would give a poor first impression under meet conditions, for various reasons. I was eager to try these cans. I was surprised at how...
  10. tradja

    Oregon Meet 01-07-06

    Quote: Originally Posted by SnoopyRocks HD580 These really surprised. The FAR exceeded my expectations, especially for rock and metal - my favorites. They really get an undeserved bad rap in this regard. Veil - what veil? I've never heard my HD580's sound nearly as good as they...
  11. tradja

    Oregon Meet 01-07-06

    Thanks very much to devwild and Gigabomber for putting this thing together!
  12. tradja

    Oregon Meet 01-07-06

    Quote: Originally Posted by tkam Whoever's amp that is, cool wood knob Quote: Originally Posted by Various Headfi Members <assorted knob comments redacted> Glad you guys like the...uh...knob. Larry helpfully provided me with that Paduak round, and I just hacksawed...
  13. tradja

    Ahoy! another Oregon meet?

    Quote: Originally Posted by iSleipnir And tradja, could you bring your beyer padded V6's? Of course!
  14. tradja

    Ahoy! another Oregon meet?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gigabomber Hope no one has a blowout like Bean, Seeberg and I had last go round. Blowout like a flat tire? Or did you three have a huge fight?
  15. tradja

    AKG K701 - The Holy Grail

    Quote: Originally Posted by Meifa Hype or no, all opinions expressed on this forum are just that: opinions. I think 99% of us understand that. I don't see anyone being harmed with someone's (possibly) excessive love for any one headphone, whether it be the "best thing since sliced bread"...
  16. tradja

    Ahoy! another Oregon meet?

    I'm happy to chip in and I'm looking forward to the meet. Let me know! Planning to bring: cans and amps in my sig. Maybe the NEC CD player, but it's nothing special, just to have an extra source there.
  17. tradja

    Rare Moment of Headphone Satiety

    Quote: Originally Posted by MrEcted1 You have reached the extremely rare "Headphone Nirvana"... where nothing can be better. NOW GET OFF HEAD-FI AND SAVE YOURSELF (sorry bout caps) Oh, but I KNOW that something, and in fact lots of things, are MUCH better...
  18. tradja

    Rare Moment of Headphone Satiety

    Last night, listening to Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions with my very modest but enjoyable K240S and Little Dot II, I had a rare experience: it was perfect. I thought, "I've been contemplating a big sell-off, consolidation of headphone equity, and upgrade, but does it really need to be better...
  19. tradja

    Whats the attraction of modern PCDP's?

    I don't have much of my music ripped at all, just a few gigs of novelty (A-Team theme), nostalgia (2 Live Crew "Me So Horny") or one-off MP3s. One attraction of the PCDP for me is that I don't spend time ripping, organizing, re-encoding to 320kbps, correcting ID3tags, playlisting, buying new...
  20. tradja

    Little Dot III?

    I was part of the ipodstudio group buy for the LDII, and although I love the sound of the amp, I agree 100% with MikeW's post #2 above. From my experience, the runaround and hassle that shochu describes is just the tip of the iceberg. IMHO, these amps and this builder have a LOT of potential...
  21. tradja

    PCDP for Sister-in-Law?

    My sister-in-law's PCDP recently died, and we want to get her a PCDP for Xmas. Ideally: * Most importantly, sturdy build quality * somewhat "cool", or at least less dorky * $50 or less, new or used * relatively easy to find online/ebay, etc. SQ is not a criteria at all. Remember, this...
  22. tradja

    Ahoy! another Oregon meet?

    I just confirmed with work -- Saturday, Jan 7 will work for me. Count me in!
  23. tradja

    Pictures of ATH-A500s?

    Quote: Originally Posted by das_bill Ya, thanks for these sweet cans! Glad you're enjoying 'em, Will! What are your impressions of them? Have you watched an action movie yet? Try Gladiator or The Matrix sometime. Quote: Originally Posted by J-Pak For what I paid...
  24. tradja

    E2C Mod Gone Bad...Careful

    Sorry to hear that the kramermod went bad. Good for you to have the courage to try the mod, though! Ya win some, ya lose some, and this way you have an excuse for the upgrade.
  25. tradja

    Replacement cap specs for Little Dot II tube amp?

    I don't know how many of you might have been following the catastrophic saga of the Little Dot II tube amp group buy over at ipodstudio (, involving a ~75% failure rate of the amps in the group buy. (The failures start cropping up around page 22...