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  1. jameswhw

    About SENNHEISER HD580 box....Maybe mainly two kind

    I find that mainly two kind of them,but never listen to the first ones...   I want to say that is that someone keep the first kind of Hd580s?What' the difference?
  2. jameswhw

    help ...Im a new here and I want to buy the headphone with him,is he reliable?

    I am just join the headfi for a month,and the first time to buy. flyingpalm42 pm me ,and I don't know is he reliable ? It just has a WARNING! DO NOT TRADE! And a banned! Is he also a new here ?so lead that? Just for helping THX... 
  3. jameswhw

    Does anybody have a collection of all ath's wooden headphones?

    Can you have a comparion between w11j to w11r or w10? Thank you!