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  1. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Reecho OVA SG-01'

    Introduction Reecho is going slowly but surely. The Shenzhen brand is back with a revised version of its previous model from the Star Gate series. This is the SG-01 OVA. Externally, only the colour seems to have changed. Internally, the dynamic driver used is 10mm, with a stronger N52 magnet...
  2. cqtek

    The discovery thread!

    I can't really criticise you, because I don't really like these FRs either. But sound and FRs don't always go hand in hand. Even the same FR (as it happens with NF Audio NM2+ and NA2+) doesn't sound the same. The drivers and their technical capabilities have the last word. I haven't tested them...
  3. cqtek

    The discovery thread!

    They are very close to my own measurements.
  4. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'LetShuoer S12 Planar iem'

    Ohh. Thank you very much for commenting and for seeing the error. It is now edited and corrected. Cheers!
  5. cqtek

    LETSHUOER S12 - Next big planar? (Impressions & Discussion)

    Hello everybody. Here is my humble opinion on the Letshuoer S12. I hope you like it.
  6. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'LetShuoer S12 Planar iem'

    Introduction Formerly called Shuoer, the brand changed its name to Letshuoer not long ago. Known for having a few IEMS worth more than $200 under their belt, they started to get more buzz with their Tape Pro model and the collaboration with the famous audio reviewer, the HBB Kinda Lava model...
  7. cqtek

    The PENON official thread

    Hello everybody. Here are my impressions of the Penon Cables Fiery and Orbit. Without a doubt, two great complementary cables.
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    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Penon Orbit'

    Introduction As if it were black or white, heaven or earth, sea or mountain... There is no copper wire without a silver wire. Yes, it is true that there are cables made of other conductive materials, such as palladium. But the classics in audio are copper and silver-plated. More universal is...
  9. Penon Orbit

    Penon Orbit

    Penon Orbit 4 Shares 154 Cores OCC Silver-plated Audiophile IEM Cable Type-4 Litz configuration Description 4 Shares , single share contains 154 cores , a total of 616 cores OCC silver-plated wire The plug contains 68% copper Carbon fiber metal splitter and CNC integrated slider Cable...
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    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Penon Fiery'

    Introduction The cable market is always in the spotlight and its reviews never leave anyone indifferent. There are those who see this market as a way to make money with something whose influence on the sound is not so relevant. There are others who only change the cable for convenience, to...
  11. cqtek

    Zishan Z4 - DAP with Dual DAC ES9038Q2M | Dual AMP OPA1622 | USB 32-bit + DSD | Bluetooth LDAC 24-bit | Balanced 2,5/4,4 | LO/PO 3,5mm

    That's right, the smaller the better. But there is a rule that can help. The source must have an output impedance 8 times lower than the connected load, so that the influence is not negative. It is perfectly explained in this old article...
  12. cqtek

    The discovery thread!

    Tempotec has had a similar model, the E44, on the market for some time and it is one of their best products, as well as being among the best in sound. Just read the expert reviews (not just my opinion, of course). It seems that they have managed to make the product cheaper, but without volume...
  13. cqtek

    The PENON official thread

    Penon Totem Type-C DAC Adapter 2.5mm Balanced 32Bit/384kHz. What a bold idea! Putting the best cable on a simple DAC, but with a proven and great sound performance.
  14. cqtek

    The PENON official thread

    Nice Penon cables with 2.5mm plug. With them I intend to get the best sound out of my balanced sources.
  15. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'Penon PAC'

    Thank you very much for your words. I have always been a bass-lover. But the more reviews I write, the more my profile is shifting to more homogeneous frequency responses. Hence I am more critical of the treble. As I say, it's just a personal taste, not purely a defect. Also, maybe I'm getting...
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    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'Penon PAC'

    Introduction Sometimes, the world of portable audio brings juicy and very affordable surprises. Like, for example, the earbuds I'm going to review today. These are the Penon PAC, headphones that cost $50 or nothing. 50$ is the price stated on the purchase website. But, in fact, you can get them...
  17. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'DUNU Titan S'

    Personally, as I am an avowed bass lover, the Dunu's have a bit more presence in the low end and are smoother in the treble, so that would be the set I would choose. But if clarity is your preference, I'd recommend the TFZs.
  18. cqtek

    Review by 'cqtek' on item 'HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X'

    Introduction Hidizs continues to increase its catalogue with high quality. And a clear example of this is the product I now present. This is the DAP AP80 PRO-X, the next version of the famous AP80 PRO. This time, the X version uses a Sabre ESS9219C DUAL DAC, instead of the ESS9218P. It also...
  19. cqtek

    The PENON official thread

    Hello to all. As I said a few days ago, here is my humble opinion on the Penon ORB, an IEMS to be discovered and tasted slowly and calmly. I hope you like it.
  20. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'TFZ T2 PRO'

    For me, there is no upgrade between the two, they are different profiles. Technically the T2 Pro is better, but there is more fun to be had with the Live 1.,TFZ_Live_1
  21. cqtek

    The PENON official thread

    The Penon ORBs are possibly the best matched single hybrids I have ever heard. In this sense, the drivers are not a "divide and conquer", but rather a "complement and conquer". I think that the marriage of a full range BA driver, to a powerful dynamic driver from the low end, is felt from the...
  22. cqtek

    EarMen Colibri

    Hello everybody. Here is my humble opinion on this great product: The Earmen Colibri. I hope you like it.
  23. cqtek

    Earbuds Round-Up

    I asked Justin Miner how to get my hands on the Earbuds Anonymous quite some time ago, when I joined his Facebook group. But I haven't bought them until now. As a reviewer, I even feel a bit ashamed that I've delayed buying them for so long to review them. But, as they say in my country: ""Nunca...
  24. cqtek

    The discovery thread!

    JH doesn't seem to improve their cables, they seem to have the same cable as my old JH TriFi.
  25. cqtek

    Reply to review by 'cqtek' on item 'TFZ T2 PRO'