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  1. inthere

    Prism Lyra 2 SOLD

    750 GBP Shipping to Europe only SOLD
  2. inthere

    HiFiMan Edition "S" Open/closed back headphone WOW!

    So I'm running around Headroom London and I hit the HiFiMan section and come across a couple of very impressive things one was a very powerful DAP that was a little bit bigger than iPod Shuffle size and the other was this:     There's a cover on the cups that you can remove and turn it...
  3. inthere

    Astell and Kern jr vs Fiio X5: which is more powerful?

    Don't care about price, looking for whichever one will drive HD 800, if neither will, let me know. 
  4. inthere

    New portable amp: Better than O2?

     Ok, auditioned this amp last night and the creator hasn't even named it yet. It's as powerful as an E12, and has a similar sound signature, but it's warmer and has a much better soundstage.     This came about after I lost my beloved E12 on a flight. I wound up buying a C5 and while it was...
  5. inthere

    Lumia 920 voice activation GONE after using E6

     Used a friend's E6 with my Lumia 920 and now voice activation works ONLY when the E6 is connected. Also the Mic won't work on normal phone calls unless the E6 is connected, has this happened to anyone else?
  6. inthere

    HTC 8X/iPhone 5/Nokia Lumina 920/620 SOUND

    also have the Galaxy Note 2       :    The Lumina 620 is also pictured but it's pretty much the same as the 920 with a bit less volume.. Tested with ATH 50 headphones.    Volume: 1. HTC 8X 2. iPhone 5 3. Galaxy Note 2 4. Nokia Lumina 920   The 8x edged out iPhone 5 with the...