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  1. loft

    Beyerdynamic Custom - semi-closed?

    Hello, I'm looking for some new closed over the ear headphones... Budget is 100-150€. I've been reading around, tried a few headphones in shops and ended up thinking that maybe the a beyerdynamic would be a good choice: Custom One Pro, Custom Studio, DT 770 (80 Ohm)? Since the customs I cannot...
  2. loft

    Closed Back Headphone Suggestions

    Well... The DT770's, driven by my OnePlus 5 (without any EQ) sound quite different: - the 32 Ohm sounds more frontal. It doesn't give as much soundstage. It feels like it has a more V shaped response. The bass seems to extend a bit more, but it's also more, almost to the point of too much bass...
  3. loft

    Bluetooth adapter for Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

    Hello! I've been using these headphones for a couple of years at the office and I liked them a lot: sound quality & signature*, fit & confort. Sadly I had to change jobs and, since they were company bought, I had to leave them behind. On another note, in the recent months I've started noticing...
  4. loft

    Bluetooth Stereo Music Audio Receiver with SoundMagic E10 In-ear headphones.

    Giving that Bluetooth encodes audio in a lossy codec (due to low bandwidth), I don't think bluetooth headphones can be as good as wired ones. That doesn't eliminate situatios like very bad wired audio source or very bad wired headphones.
  5. loft

    Bluetooth Sound

    As far as I know (I'm in the research process for set myself) the sound quality depends on the internal DAC/amp of the headphones (they have DAC/amp combo internally) and the codec used. (due to low bandwidth, Bluetooth sends audio in a lossy encoded form) I've heared of a new slightly better...
  6. loft

    Jaybird Bluebuds X bluetooth IEM's

    ZMan2k2, I wanna ask you something that's not clear for me. The volume buttons on these IEM's control the local amplifier, not the Bluetooth volume, right?
  7. loft

    Head-Direct RE0 recabling - anything against?

    I tried that by bending the cable, but with no luck. The cable seems to be totally severed. I've also tried the other cable (without soldering anything) and the driver is working (that's how I determined that the cable is the problem).
  8. loft

    Head-Direct RE0 recabling - anything against?

    Hello there!   Last night I've noticed that one of my IEMs was not working. The left side cable seems to be the problem. And because I have the cable from an old, broken Sennheiser CX300 lying around, I thought I should recable the RE0.   Would anybody have anything against this...
  9. loft

    [REVIEW] Head-Direct RE0 - a new contender for the best IEM

    With about 10 euros for transport, at least for europeans, RE-ZERO seems to be a really good choice!
  10. loft

    Looking for new IEMs (max 100EUR/130USD)

    Hello guys!   Here I am, at another crossroads of my life: buying new IEMs. (for me they're the best for road/travelling). After a few long hours of reading reviews and opinions/recommendations around here, I can't really decide of what I need. So I'm putting down my situation and experience...
  11. loft

    Looking for a new phone as a source for my amp->IEMs

    Hello there! I know, I know, I should be looking at another forum for phone advices but this one is more related to audio and music that anything else. My current portable gear consists of an iRiver T10 (good, old trustworthy companion), a FiiO E5 and some Hifiman (Head Direct) RE0 with...
  12. loft

    Fischer Audio Eterna, Head-direct Earphones IEM, Soundmagic In Europe

    I've just put an order myself on (the only shop in Europe that seems to have Head-Direct RE0).   It took almost two days since I've first asked them if they could ship to Romania, but in the end a guy (Alex) wrote me back and helped me with the order (hadn't watched enough...
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