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  1. unkoman

    Cheap Subwoofer

    I am living in a college dorm right now and planning buy a cheap subwoofer for my simple desktop speaker set up. My budget is really low and wondering if there are any decent subwoofers under $100. I am going to use the sub with my stereo reciever . Thanks
  2. unkoman

    ALAC vs. AAC (320)

    Even if there were slight volume differences, the diference in sound staging was pretty easy to hear, or "feel". If you try to hear or "listen" to the differences it will be much harder to hear the difference, because you're foucsing so much on the sound, not the music. For example, I used Sar...
  3. unkoman

    ALAC vs. AAC (320)

    My portable set up is ipod(4thg)->sik din->go-vibe v3 w/ ad8066->e4, and I can tell the difference between ALAC and AAC 320kb/s. I've spent hours blind testing, and found out that the main differences are: 1. AAC sound more "mellow". The sound lacks dynamic 2. Low bass(-50hz) is a bit rolled...
  4. unkoman

    Do you EQ you headphone?

    Instead of using eqs on players, I eq each of my music files. It takes tremendous amount of time but it lets me eq really precisely to the point.
  5. unkoman

    Which op-amp next for Go-Vibe, or should I just get them all!!!

    What happened to the ad825 hype that was going on few years ago?
  6. unkoman

    Which op-amp next for Go-Vibe, or should I just get them all!!!

    I'm wondering how the dual ad825 and op551's sound? Any comments on those two chips?
  7. unkoman

    EAC/LAME Background hiss?

    In my opinion, lame mp3 emphasizes on treble and can be a bit harsh sometimes but matains some of the "atmosphere" of the music, while AAC tames everything and smoothes out but less dynamic.
  8. unkoman

    Which wastes more battery?

    320kb/s AAC w/ eq on or apple lossless w/ no eq?(This for ipod) Thanks
  9. unkoman


    Thanks for the infos.
  10. unkoman

    New Op-Amps for the Go-Vibe!

    How does the opa551 sound? Does it have the typical burr brown sound signiture? Thanks
  11. unkoman


    Thanks for the reply. I thought bi flange is the modded triflange. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks
  12. unkoman


    I'm thinking of buying triflange tips for my e4 and wondering if there's any difference between generic triflanges sold at and the authentic shure ones. Thanks
  13. unkoman

    e4 frequency response range

    Thanks for the reply. I've searched around the net but I couldn't find any spec info about e4 in terms of frequency response range. I'm just wondering how low and high the phones can respond up to.
  14. unkoman

    e4 frequency response range

    Does anybody know the frequency response range of e4? Thanks
  15. unkoman

    head-fi dillema

    I'm currently enjoying my e4 and not planning to get another IEM, unless I want to go into the custom IEM world. I'm not planning to use my 595 with this set up because of portability issues.
  16. unkoman

    head-fi dillema

    I recently set up a new portable set-up of ipod->sik din->go-vibe3->e4. I'm really enjoying the sound but ipod lineout sound little mid-reinforced, causing the soudnstage is to sound smaller, and the treble is a bit rolled off. Go-vibe is a really good amp for the price, but the bass response is...
  17. unkoman

    E4's versus um2s?

    e4's bass is "there" but not "present". Meaning, if you are using e4 with a bass-weak source, it will sound very bass lean and anemic.
  18. unkoman

    portable amp around $100

    Thanks for the great help!
  19. unkoman

    iPod Color 60GB, circuit findings...

    Does this mean that line out on color ipods arent "real" line out, since it bypasses through the op amp? Thanks
  20. unkoman

    line out

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duncan It's never that great an idea to plug headphones in to line out jacks... the jacks are trying to push out the 'information' (IIRC) at 47K ohms - 2V... and you are then putting your 32ohm or whatever headphones in there... if the strain doesn't kill the...
  21. unkoman


    After purchasing the e4, which was my first IEM, I'vve been satisfied with the sound. Yet, I got the deadly head-fi syndrum, I started to look into the custom IEM world. I've reading the reviews for ue5c, and have few questions: 1. how good is ue5's treble response? I really enjoy e4's treble...
  22. unkoman

    <$200 replacements for HD280 Pros, Open/Closed welcome

    You can try the HD595. they have well detailed and smooth mids, which will be perfect for listening vocal musics. Their bass response is pretty good if you have an amp that has enough juice.
  23. unkoman

    Sennheiser vs. Bose

    Ironically, lot of people who entered the head-fi world started off by listening to triports/ bose products.
  24. unkoman

    Bose Triport Thread

    "I'm sorry but $300.00 is way too much to pay for a pair of earphones this size. The sound quality is great but the money could be better spent elseware. Say... BOSE. They have a pair of headphones (QuietComfort. 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling. headphones) that have a sound that can't be beat. Now...
  25. unkoman

    A CD/SACD player?

    What is your budget? If its around $200-300, you can get a Denon dcm 380 CD player for around $100 and a pimeta amp for about $100-150.