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  1. Iqbal

    Which cable should i buy to replace the stock one on the Phillips Fidelio X1

    Hey dear audiophille community, as the title explains I am looking to replace the stock cable on the Phillips Fidelio X1's.   i don't want to spend like 100s of pounds on a cable, can someone suggest a nice cable at a reasonable price which doesn't hinder the quality of the cans!   regards...
  2. Iqbal

    HELP connecting Xonar Essence STX with Solo 6C & a Subwoofer

    Hey guys,   I currently have a Xonar Essense STX connected to the Microlabs SOLO 6C and I wanted to add a subwoofer to compliment them.   I was wondering how do i go about connecting a subwoofer to this setup ? all help will be appreciated.   Also i have a yamaha sw-p130 subwoofer...
  3. Iqbal

    Help purchasing a sound system/computer speakers for PC

    Hi guys,   I have a essence xonar stx and loved the sound. I had and old school set of PC speakers: Cambridge Soundworks DDT2200. I used the surround speakers that came with them but for the sub i had a Yamaha Subwoofer (not sure model) but it was awesome.   I have since moved out of...
  4. Iqbal

    Hd 595 Cable Sleeving

    Hey there   I have a sennheiser HD 595 and a Zalman Mic, the 2 wires goin everywhere is really messy and i wanted to buy some cable sleeving to cover it.  does any1 knw the width of the hd 595 cable? i have no idea how to calculate it. do u think ill need 4mm width or 8mm width cable :s...
  5. Iqbal

    Help me Choose the Ideal HeadPhones Please <3

    Hi there   I have recently moved my computer to my room and have a 5.1 DTT3500 setup which I am happy with but it gives off alot of noise and i get alot of complaints :s Whoops!   I have a Asus Xonar Essence STX and wish to make full use of it!!   So am looking to buy the best pair of...
  6. Iqbal

    HELP Connecting Xonar Essence STX to my DTT3500 Cambridge soundworks amp.

    hi there   I am quite new to the sound world but i know and have researched alot of stuff.   I have recently purchased the Essence STX and i think it is an awesome card. I am still going to buy a good pair of headsets for it.   In the mean time i have been given to me by my brother...