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  1. storrgie

    Computer to 12v trigger

    Is anyone aware of a device that would allow me to signal via 12v from something like USB or RS232? I would also prefer to do this via linux, but I bet if there is a device available I can figure out how to make it send a signal.   I want to turn on and off the power outlets on my Furman...
  2. storrgie

    TEAC UD-501 on Linux with MPD

    I wanted to report in on the TEAC UD-501. I just got this unit to test it out with Linux and MPD. I have been using MPD for years and really love the audio listening paradigm it supports. In short, this DAC seems to have some problems with USB and Linux. You can get it to play out of the...
  3. storrgie

    Schiit, could not be more happy with this company and their products.

    I have been listening to my Valhalla for a little while (just got it about 3 weeks ago) and noticing that one side will be predominant. I have swapped my tubes back and forth and noticed it goes away for a couple of days and returns. Figured I would email the guys over at Schiit because they...
  4. storrgie

    Choosing the right power posts (B&W 803d & McIntosh mc501)

    I hope nobody gets upset I ask about speakers here, I really only participate in this audio forum so I don't know where else to ask. If there is a correct place to post this and I didn't notice it, then please let me know.   I have a set of McIntosh MC501 monoblocks now and some B&W 803...
  5. storrgie

    Classy Storage Boxing

    I've seen some cool pictures of cans in boxes with exotic interiors and exteriors for storage. Is there some place that can be contracted to create these?   I've peeked around, was hoping to find a listing on etsy but I have not found anything.
  6. storrgie

    AKG 70x Storage and Transport

    I have the Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones which come with a nice case, but I would rather carry around my K702s between home and the office.   Has anyone come up with any slick method for transporting these cans? Worried that I might damage them.