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  1. blitzraider

    Review by 'blitzraider' on item 'Tuff-Luv Western Case for Cowon Plenue D MP3 Leather Black [E5_66]'

    So I just bought the Plenue D and wanted a decent case for the player. At the time of writing this review, only the following cases are available for the Plenue D. I will give my thoughts about each and talk about the Tuff Luv (the one I bought) last.   Cowon Official Case for the Plenue D...
  2. blitzraider

    Logitech UE 9000 vs AKG K845BT

      My understanding is that the volume settings don't matter because you are still driving the music with the iPhone's amp. I think volume settings matter if you use an amp.
  3. blitzraider

    Please help! I'm new and I dont know what I'm doing!

    As far as I know, surround sound audio is a digitally enhanced effect. I don't think amp/dac combos work like that, they improve the sound quality, not distort it (which I believe is what Dolby Headphones do)?   Someone with more knowledge enlighten us.
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    Sennheiser Momentum vs. Shure SRH 940 vs. Shure SRH840 vs. Sennheiser HD-518 vs. Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro vs. AUDIO TECHNICA ATH PRO700 mk2 vs. Sennheiser HD 449 vs. Audio-Technica ATH-M50S vs. UE 4000 vs. UE 6000

    Dang I came in thinking that there was a review, perhaps others had the same thought?   I would say the momentum, if you planning to carrying your headphones around, a case would really work best.   I'm getting a UE9000 soon. I'll let you know how if sounds.
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    Audio Technica ATH- ES 10 Impressions Thread

    Hey y'all so I finally decided to move on. After a good reflection I decided to stick with my Monster TPG IEMs instead. I travel alot and IEMs simply provide better isolation. I did find a "solution" for the headphones scratches, kind of. I used high grain sandpaper and did some work on it. It's...
  6. blitzraider

    V-MODA CROSSFADE M-80 AUDIO VOYAGE – Reviewers wanted!

    1. Rock and Pop 2. Country and classics 3. Vocal   I'm in Atlanta, GA   Thanks
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    If I mostly listen to mp3's, does it make sense to spend more than $100 on headphones?

    On this note, I was wondering how everyone normallized their music. Right now I use MP3gain, as this program is claimed to be the most sonically accurate. However, I still don't understand how to use it correctly, so I'm asking if anyone has expertise on MP3gain or other more intuitive...
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    Audio Technica ATH- ES 10 Impressions Thread

    Ok title changed, thanks for the tip.   I did a quick A/B testing but not extensive enough to say anything solid about the A900ti vs the ES 10. I'll say though that you can instantly tell the pseudo full can size sound the ES 10 tries to create. More on that later.   Another photo I...
  9. blitzraider

    Audio-Technica ATH-A900Ti

    Sorry for reviving and old post, but I want to know something relevant. I have the a900ti right now and I want to try some other audio technicas. I've been looking around and so far these seemed the most interesting.   AD 900/1000/2000 ES 10   Which one would give me the most different...
  10. blitzraider

    Full Sized Headphone Popularity Check

    Low end < £100 ($150) AKG K44 (1) AKG K99 (1) AKG K240 Studio (2) AKG K240 Sextett (1) AKG K271 Studio (2) AKG K430(1) Alessandro MS-1 (2) Alessandro MS-1i (3) Alessandro MS-1000i (1) Audio Technica ATH-M30 (1) Audio Technica ATH-M50 (6) Audio Technica ATH-AD700(3) Audio...
  11. blitzraider

    EDITION10 the greatest DYNAMIC HPin the world surpass PS1000,HD800,T1

    Quote: I don't want to but I'm inclined to agree.
  12. blitzraider

    Sony MDR xb1000? NEw? OMG

    YES INDEED OMG. My xb700 that I still have are my favorite phones, over all my other phones and IEMs. I'm sooo over these as so as they come out!!!
  13. blitzraider

    New Headphone Stand V2: The Transformation

    Quote:   On that note, there are more tubes than you can see. It's just that they're hidden under the T connectors and caps and act as connections, thus no glue required when assembling.  
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    Deal Alert: Miles Davis Tributes Sale

    Check it out. They're only 299 on the official website. And you also get those Monster Bucks. Anyone wanna buy me some new headphones with their bucks? Lol, just kidding
  15. blitzraider

    New Headphone Stand V2: The Transformation

    Quote: Believe it or not, it's heavier than all my headphones combined. But that's what I love about DIY. There's always room for improvement!
  16. blitzraider

    Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones

    Quote: If I get any shure 'phones, I'd get those even if they're not the best just because they look cool. But I probably won't because I'm having an addiction to Audio Technicas "sadly"
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    New Headphone Stand V2: The Transformation

    Quote: Well you can't see very well from the photo, but it says on the can.   It's industrial paint, like for walls and to prevent rusting etc. So there are many textures and colors available, I chose this one because it looked smooth.   Again FYI, it smells quite a bit so do it...
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    Fake ATH-ES10?

    Quote: In that case, does anybody know where I can get the best deal for these headphones that would be legitimate?   Thanks
  19. blitzraider

    New Headphone Stand V2: The Transformation

    Materials PVC Tube, Industrial Spray, Grip Liner, Super Glue, Scissors, Tape, Patience and a Passion   Price: <20$   Emotional Satisfaction for DIY: Priceless   I posted this in another thread earlier and some fellows here at Head-fi suggest I add padding, so I did. And it works...
  20. blitzraider

    Upgrading from HD600 to ...?

    Do you have to though. If you're happy with the hd600, what's the problem. Usually I only get new 'phones when they break or when serve a new purpose that I need, such as (travelling needs, 'phone X that work better with certain genres than 'phone Y, etc). I'm happy with what I have.  ...
  21. blitzraider

    Best Source:Amp Volume Ratio?

    I use the cowon J3 so I don't have any line out options sadly.
  22. blitzraider

    A Thanksgiving DIY Project

    I keep looking around for a good durable headphone stand but I can't seem to find anything to suit me, so why not DIY? I had to annoy the lady at Home Depot a bit but she helped me cut all the tubes. Total cost was less than 20$.   By the way, how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Black Friday...
  23. blitzraider

    Monster Turbine Pro Golds... No bass?

    Quote: Thanks, I was really wondering whether I was ripped off. I bought a open box after all. After burn in (even the manual suggests it), the sound is really quite stellar. It's just that the bass wasn't as much as I expected, but all other departments are excellent. I did notice that...
  24. blitzraider

    Dr. Dre and his Beats.

    Sorry guys but what's product x?